Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Arrrgh...Computer Problems

And telephone troubles! You name it, I've had it! But everything is up and running now. I've really missed being able to blog and read blogs. I'm addicted.

Remodeling is not going much better. My kitchen and bathroom countertops are installed...looks great! And the bathrooms and kitchen tile are in. The wood floors are almost installed. But, I've had a couple of tiles cracked when they were putting in the wood, the tile men broke my toilet, then they ran out of wood and to top it all off, my carpet came in and was the wrong color! So...hopefully, they will finish the wood tomorrow and my carpet will come in Friday. Also my appliances will come in Friday, yes, I finally ordered them...all GE Profile. I'll post pictures as soon as my bed is out of the living room, my dresser is out of the kitchen, and the toilet is out of the bathtub! (I'm not joking!)

David, 'Bama Girl, and I went blackberry picking again. But I think I pushed my luck...SNAKE!
It ran one way and I ran the other. (Thank goodness they didn't have the camera!)

He ate more than he picked!

Thursday, I'll be going to Tuscaloosa to get 'Bama Girl registered in the band. Band camp starts August 10th or 12th and she'll be able to move back into the dorm early for this. I think she's ready to go back...it's boooring around here! Anyway, I think we'll either stop at Milo's in Birmingham or go to Mellow Mushroom in T-town. Yeah, I plan my trips by where I'm going to eat!...doesn't everybody? I only do that because we don't have a Mellow Mushroom or a Milo's! (I guess we do in Huntsville, but I always forget it's there!) Hmmmm, we may have to eat lunch and dinner! Burgers for lunch and pizza for dinner. Could life get any better?

Well, it's getting late and the floor installers will be here early, so I think I'll read a few blogs and be off to bed soon!




  1. OOOOH! I hate snakes. Hate em I tell you! I picked up a rock the other day and a baby rattle snake was under it. Hubby said "I wonder if I could catch it?"


    Thanks for coming by. I answered you back.

    Take care my Blog Addicted Friend!


  2. OH you poor kid!!! I HATE living with remodeling projects AND the BOO BOO's !!!! (nothing like sleeping in your living room and sitting on the throne in the tub!)...Well, at least the snake and you didn't make actual contact AND sounds like you have a fun little trip ahead of you to look forward to!

  3. Hi, glad your computer is working again. I was wondering what happened to you. Why does home improvement take twice as long and cost twice as much?

  4. It sounds like you're in a mess. But it will all be worth it once everything is installed and all your things are back where they belong.
    Oooooo! Bama Girl in the Million Dollar Band, huh? That's great. Roll Tide!

  5. I don't think we have a Milo's or a Mellow Mushroom??? If we do, I don't know where they are, but want to know. :)

    And Jennifer, A rattlesnake!!!!

  6. Can't wait to see the finished pictures of your remodel.

    I always eat more berries than I put in the bucket-who could resist?

  7. I've been wondering about ya-glad your back- we have a Chili's visit soon in our future. I am heading down to T-Town next weekend to move my bama girl to new apt closer to university. Time flys when your (spending money), um having fun!
    Glad to see ya post!
    Be blessed,Lorie

  8. Oh this sounds so familiar Debbie... I ALWAYS plan a trip according to the restuarants! Hubby loves it though, because I'm like a food encyclopedia... he never gets hungry when we're on a trip!