Sunday, June 22, 2008

My blog has "issues"

It's confused! Poor little thing doesn't know what it is. It started out as a " all things southern" blog, a mom blog, then a quilting blog, sewing blog, a 'me' blog, and more recently a remodeling blog. And now, after abandoning it for a few..uhhh 11...days, it's a cooking blog! No wonder it has issues...hmmmm, it's a lot like me huh?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been really slow around here, in other words...same song, different verse! But, here's an update to anyone who cares (okay... you've got my number...I'm begging for attention!)

I'm still plodding along with the remodeling. My countertops will (should) be in this week. Then, my flooring will be in on the 2nd of July! Yeah...I'll be finished except for buying new furniture, appliances, and bedding for my bedroom. The fun stuff!

Hubby is home this weekend, as well as Auburn Guy (I think he's a little lonely down there this summer as no one much is on campus, so there's not a lot of activity).

Now, for the cooking. To toot my own horn, I'm a really good cook! I didn't used to be. When David and I first got married, (he's from Alabama and I'm from Louisiana...maybe relevant, maybe not!), I couldn't all! My family are all good cooks...I'm a good eater. So I didn't have to cook, someone else always did! Anyway, when we married, he though he needed to eat something other than Micky D's and pizza. So...I had to learn. Many, many phone calls home. Many, many burnt pots of pintos and fried potatoes (An Alabama thing and his absolute favorite - I had never had them before! Where was I? I guess I was hiding under a rock eating gumbo!) But, he ate those beans...burnt and all! and I kept trying. If you've ever ate or smelled burnt bean, you'll understand! (This is one of his favorite stories!)

On to more relevant things...since everyone was home this weekend, I fixed a 'Sunday meal' except I cooked it on Friday. We had a roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, fried corn, and rolls. I can cook a mean roast and my gravy will make "you slap yo mama!" I don't have pictures of this meal, but this is not what it's about!

My whole reason for this is what I do with the leftovers of the roast! I can make a 101 things from the leftovers of an 8 lb. roast. Anyway...first we had the main meal, then I made roast salad (kinda like tuna or chicken salad but with roast - I always have to explain this - but, my kids love it! Chop the cold roast, add mayo and mustard - apples, onions, celery, if you want - my kids don't want! Serve on buns or the best way is on Kings Hawiian rolls) and today...

We're turning up the air conditioner and having vegetable beef soup and cornbread!

David and I also went blackberry picking this morning...all I can say is, it was HOT, HOT, HOT! and snakey! But this is what I came home with:
I was lucky to get this much after 'Bama Girl got into them, she eats them like candy!

And this is what I made:

Hope I didn't bore ya'll, but I missed you and hopefully things will pick up here soon!




  1. I love everything your blog is about. Its about real life, dirty feet and all, we laughed so hard when we read that post. My husband ( the Alabama boy) ask about you all the time. He does love those dang pintos. We always had white beans and ham with fried potatoes at my house when I was growing up. It was always a "Meal" sorta like spagetti and garlic bread or something. His family will have pintos just as a side dish. I thought this was weird. His Mother would fry anything in that cast iron skillet , it was always good. I have always said if you put enough salt on something and then fry it in grease it would taste good even if it was doggie doo. Hope your son doesn't get to lonely at school. That's where all our nieces and nephews go to school. We pull for Alabama in football though. Go figure.

  2. YUM, We just came in from the ranch. We had blackberry cobbler one night with icecream!
    I know how time consuming remodeling is, I hope it all gets done quickly for you!I will check back for photos of the "new model"

  3. I love your blog, don't change a thing! I love coming here!

  4. Sounds like life and good cooking!

  5. Yummy! Everything looks so good. I went blackberry picking today--but it was in a neighbor's garden.

  6. Mmmm everything looks dee-lish!!
    By the way, I think your "life and times of a Southern Mom" is wonderful- and I love to read no matter what you have to say!!

  7. Your food all looks so good. It is making my mouth water. Now I am going to have to go grocery shopping!

    Great blog, by the way. I love variety!

  8. I sure hope you don't/didn't have the same stomach virus it's miserable. Take Care of You :)