Friday, March 4, 2011

Still working on the kitchen!

I'm still working on the kitchen and have done nothing else!  (I have three quilts I'd like to be working on...can't do everything, I guess!)  I'm painting the walls at the moment and can't seem to get a good picture...the color always looks brown in the pictures??  And I've tried everything!  The walls are green..."Crocodile Tears" is the color.   Here are a couple that I finally got tweaked to look green.


This is the best I could do on the wall:


And...the mess of all the stuff off the walls...I won't show what's behind's worse!


Hopefully, I'll finish with all the wall painting today.  And, I've still got to refinish the island.  Also, I've got a surprise project I'll be doing.  I'm not sharing my idea right now 'cause you'd probably think (or at least I'd be confirming) that I'm nuts!  Plus, I'd rather hubby not know what I'm doing...he would definitely think I had lost it...he doesn't always 'get' my visions!  But I'll give you a's going to give a lot more color to the dark cabinets and it involves my Fiesta ware!  (If I can pull it off!)  Be scared!




  1. Debbie, you have got to hurry up and get this kitchen project done and let us see it~ the suspense is killing me!
    (No rush or anything, though... *hehe*)

  2. I like the color..and I can't wait to see it all done! ;D

  3. Going green also. Such a calming color. DH says I need to get rid of the orange I already have. I had to prime mine first. Taking me longer than I wanted.

    Cant wait to see when your finished, I know you can pull it off.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. That first picture helps a lot. What an awesome color of green. I love it!!
    Your kitchen makeover is breathtaking. I just can't get over the difference it made...really!!! The cabinets are gorgeous.
    And then there's your laundry room. Completely charming. I must tell my Sara to take a look. We all know how much she loves that color. :-D
    Happy painting,
    Mary Lou

  5. Hey girl...I think the kitchen is gonna look great! I just finished painting the rest of my kitchen cabinets black...I love black cabinets...always have...good for you to be brave enough to follow your vision...Picket

  6. Good Morning Debbie,
    Love the color...and the name "crocodile tears"! Your kitchen will be so beautiful when you're done. I still want to know where you get your energy!!
    Have a good day!

  7. The kitchen is going to look great! I love the green! I know you can't wait to have it all done and we can see it too!