Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My son, some fun...and guess what I won?

This may be rated PG for violence...we were doing a little "Top Shot" tonight!  (If you haven't watched that show, then that comment just went zooming over your head!  I watch it...can you believe that?  To me it's just another reality show...and I love my reality!)  William came over tonight and brought his school project.  To destroy.  And he did.  It was a booger of a project to do...and a little target practice was just the ticket to let off a little steam!  I was thinking it would explode when he hit it, but it didn't!

His project:  A styrofoam head...


The shootist:


Well...that was a little redneck, huh?  So, on to some fun stuff!

Why oh why can't I remember to take "before" pictures?  I bought a lamp from the thrift store for $3.99...U.G.L.Y!  No doubt!  Terra cotta lamp with a terra cotta colored shade.  And I didn't get a before picture of the lamp...but I did of the shade, so...use your imagination:


I painted it white (the lamp) and when I went to B'ham with 'Bama Girl, I bought a shade for $14.   An $18 lamp...not bad!


It's for my bedroom and I also hung this frame and an urn (?) which was flat on one side that I found in a box in the garage.  (If it's ugly...let me know!)


David and  I went to Attalla, AL this past week-end for a little antique shopping and I bought a set of TV trays, so I used one in the bedroom:


I also bought a chair and ottoman.  I'm going to redo this room for David's office, you can see a small portion of the wallpaper border...yuck!:


That was the fun...and what I won!   Susan over at Days Too Short had a giveaway!


                                                                        So true!


The sweetest fabric and patterns *squeal* !  You know I love patterns!  She's such a sweetie...go visit and show a little love!




  1. I love your finds! I can't believe you were right here in town ... well I don't live "in town" but just like five minutes from here :)
    I love your giveaway you won!

  2. Congrats on your win, Miss Debbie! I LOVE that sign, and the patterns are fabulous! Those should keep you busy on a rainy day...
    Love all your finds- and the lamp looks great!
    Not really sure I want to know what kind of school project William was working on... *hehe*