Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting Backsplash tile? It's Fiesta time!

My friends, my family, the home improvement store.....

"Whaaat?  You want to paint the tile?"


"Well, you could, but....I wouldn't!"

"You've got a big job, little lady...cleaning, sealing, priming, sealing, sanding, priming...."


You know...I don't take too well to the word "No."  To me, it's a dare. 

And baby, it was on like Donkey Kong!

This is the tile in question:


It's not bad tile.  It's not ugly tile.  In fact, I used the same tile in my other house remodel.  It's just not the tile I wanted.  I knew I could get new tile if I wanted and I really wanted glass tiles,  but...

I'm trying to keep this remodel on budget and on time.  I was afraid if I tried to rip it out, I'd have to replace the sheet rock!  Not on my agenda or my budget!

So my favorite medium:  Paint!

Here we go! 

Wait for it:


Close up, please:


Ta Daaaa!


My inspiration?  My Fiesta ware:


This is what I used:


I cleaned it, painted it, applied Polyurethane.  Done! 

At a later date, I may paint the 4" tiles  underneath, but for now...I'm happy how this turned out!

I'm still working on refinishing the  island (almost finished!) and I have to paint the tile over the stove. 

Speaking of the stove...I need to get a new one.  My other appliances are stainless.    I also really wanted an over the stove microwave, but after measuring, I find I don't have room unless I rip out the cabinets above which I don't plan on doing:


So...sorry for such a picture and DIY'er post, but just wanted to share!  And trust me...I'm as tired of this as you are tired of reading about it!  Thanks for putting up with me!




I got off the fence and decided that  I'd paint the larger tile.  I used the same Espresso that I used on the cabinets.  I also finished the backsplash behind the stove. 


I'll let you in on a secret!  I cropped the picture to spare you from the nastiness behind, under and on the stove!  (It came with the house and besides, who moves their stove to clean?...I will now!)

**You can click on the pic to view larger!


  1. You go, Debbie! That looks wonderful with your colorful plates and mugs!
    Your DIY-ing is putting me to shame... I can't even find the energy to shampoo my carpets! *LOL*

  2. Debbie,
    I love Fiesta ware and I love the "new" tile! I love color in the kitchen :)

  3. "...putting up with you".... are you kidding?! You are such an inspiration and resource. Thank YOU for sharing with us! You are pulling your kitchen together beautifully.

  4. if you would like to decorate my kitchen the exact same way you did yours when cody and i finally get a house, i would be so thrilled!! lol!! love the backsplash! its so bright and fresh! miss ya!

    alli :)

  5. Hi Debbie!
    You were right in doing the larger tiles in Espresso. It ties everything together. Great job!

  6. Debbie, Everything looks wonderful. We just finished with a kitchen and livingroom remodeling job that we did by ourselves, except for laying tile, and I am soooo happy to be finished...too much at one time. We had to raise the cabinet above our stove to make room for a microwave.

  7. Great idea, thanks for sharing. The Backsplash Tile in my kitchen is so bland, I'll have to try something like this.