Friday, March 18, 2011


'Bama Girl came home and we went out today to do a little shopping at some antique stores in Somerville, Hartselle and Eva.

Most of the prices in the ones we went to were way over our heads.  So we had decided to just be " lookers"!  We went into one shop that had all Cottage/Shabby/Vintage Chic.  Loved it!  Way, way out of our league and nowhere near what we had in our pocketbooks!

So...we went to a store that I love because the prices are reasonable and she'll deal with you!  Today, she had 10% off everything.  And look what 'Bama Girl found:


Silver plated (I think).  We cleaned it up and it's really shiny and so girly!  $10 minus 10%...good deal!

Then, we came to Eva and went to the antique store here and this is what I bought:


I know you probably can't see it, but the front has an asian-style relief on the front.  And it opens:


The lady at the store said it was a telephone table?  I'm not sure.  Maybe when I clean it up I can tell.  I'm not sure if I'll refinish it or paint it (I'm thinking I'll paint!)



PS:  For now, this is what I'm doing with the telephone table:




  1. Love to go Antique shopping. I live just over a mile from the one at Somerville(Hwy 36)...used to be a frequent shopper there but I ran out of room to put everything. I have a silver vanity set (mirror, brush, & comb)just like the one your daughter bought. I've had it over 20 years and it was old when I bought it. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.


  2. Oh, Debbie- I just LOVE your telephone table! My grandmother had one similar to that, complete with a HUGE, heavy, black rotary telephone that I would give my right arm to have today! I can't wait to see what you do with it- although it's lookin' pretty good just the way it is!
    And Bama Girl scored with her cute little silver set... that deserves a place of honor in her boudoir!

  3. What a beautiful table!!! And you found the perfect spot for it. Kudos!