Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Riding the crazy train...

Can't find my, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc!  I hope I didn't leave them in Ohio!  (Update:  Found 'em! Where?  Where I keep the medicine...where else?)

Can't seem to get it together and plan a menu or even a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner.  We usually eat at David's mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.  But, because I have a couple of spoiled brats ( bad!) I also cook a complete dinner here, too!

Got two quilts to 'quilt', one to finish sewing the top, one on the drawing board and one that I need to finish the binding on.  And this is what my kitchen and dining room look like:


I don't think I've shown the wall hanging I finished while I was gone and since it's not a's for 'Bama Girl:


I'm really trying to get into the Christmas spirit...but I need to get over over one holiday at a time!

Guess I'll go clean the kitchen and make some chicken salad...then nose to the grindstone on those quilting projects!




  1. God given talent is what you have!!! that is so pretty, i hope she loves it, if not email me and I will tell you where to mail it!lol I tried to make my dog some body harness wraps and it was a total flop! I am talentless ;-)

  2. Ugh, I know what you mean Debbie- one holiday at a time, please!! I'm no where near being in the Christmas spirit just yet.
    I love the little snowman quilt- he is so cute!