Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...soon!

We'll be leaving (hopefully) around 12 or 1 pm today to go back home!  I'm so ready!  If you don't know already...I'm a homebody!  And as much as I love David and love being with him, I really love Alabama and being in my own home!  So does this little fellow:



1.  He hates being taken out on a leash

2.  He hates being cooped up in an apartment when we leave.

3.  He hates travel.

4.  Most important?  He misses Cheddar!

(Chance told me all this...I didn't make it up...promise!)

I'm excited about going home because I've got so many project to do!  I didn't tell that I went fabric shopping, did I?  One of the places I went was to JoAnn's.  And boy oh boy!  What a haul I made!  26 yards of fabric for $40!!  All their red tag fabric was 1/2 off...that's right...$2, $3, and $5 fabric all 1/2 off, folks!

I also went to the Pottery Barn outlet here and bought a white quilt.  I can hear the collective gasp..."A QUILT? Why would you buy a quilt?"

   1.  'Cause it's white and I don't want to quilt a white one.

   2.  It's king sized and it's harder to get a king size on my frame.

   3.  It already has shams and I don't have to sew them.

   4.  I bought a dust ruffle to match and don't have to sew one.

   5.  I wanted to be able to use it when I got home and later...'K? 

   6.  And...I've got ideas for revamping my bedroom!

Back to the projects...for Christmas, I already have one quilt to bind, two to quilt and possibly two left to make, so although I already have my plate full, I really, really want to make some of these:


Mug rugs...(sorry I don't know where I got the picture from...if you see this and it's your's, please let me know!)  There is a cute!...on Jodi's blog!  It's different from this's a scrappy Christmas Tree!  (Jodi, if you ever read this, I'm hoping you don't mind!)  Anyway...I'm jumping on the band wagon and making some mug rugs!

If you can't tell, I've had a lot of time on my hands while David has been at work and I've been surfing the 'net a lot!  But I won't tell you all my plans...I'll save some for later!

The next time you hear from me I'll be in Sweet Home Alabama!




  1. I so relate to traveling and staying...I am a home body too! I love the mug rug..a cute idea. Thanks for your visit. :D

  2. Awwww.. poor little Chance!! I can't wait till you get home and fill us in on all these ideas you've concocted!!
    Hurry home and have a safe trip!

  3. Have you tried a body suit on Chance? My toy poodle hates a leash but a body suit she likes. It is like a harness but it is solid, cloth and velcro closes under the belly and neck. Looks kinda like a X. And has a loop on the back for the leash to hook. You could make these and sell them, they are hard to find. It is the only way Cloe will walk on a leash. She thinks a collar is attacking her.LOL If you need pics. email me.

  4. There's no place like home! The mug rug is a great idea!