Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm back...but still away!

I'm still on the loose!


We went to West Virginia to the Homer Laughlin factory.  This is the broken pottery outside the door.




I guess I went a little crazy, but I really got a good deal...about $300 worth of Fiesta for around $'s seconds, but I don't mind!  I don't know who will inherit all that I've got, but they better love Fiesta!  I'll show some pictures of what I bought when I get home and unpack!

I found a few more barn quilts, but went past so fast I didn't get a picture (maybe I can talk David into going back!)

But I did get a picture of a barn with hex signs on it...just as unusual! (for me!)


And have you ever wondered where clouds come from?  They're factory made!

                                                       The Cloud-maker


                                DSC03095 more barn picture:





  1. I went to a similiar place in Williamsburg VA. It had a ton of second's in the pottery line and woven baskets. I went there twice in one week while hibby was in meetings. Good thing we drove instead of flying or i'd been in trouble.

  2. Tell David we need more pictures of those barn quilts. :)

  3. I'm loving the pictures of your trip, Debbie! Especially the last one- it's sheepies!! *SQUEEEAL*