Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation...

filed under:  Things not on my bucket list!

Uh-may-zing!  I'm finally writing a post (due to a lot of chastising!)

I haven't taken the time to write because...I own a farm!  Duh.   Oh, and by the way, I didn't have a summer vacation.  Too bad, so sad!

I'll let my pictures tell the sad tale of  hardworking, underpaid (non paid!) little ol' me.

If you remember from a previous post (way back in July!) I started painting the deck.  Well, after a couple of months of temperatures from hell, I finally got it done:


My eyeballs were sweating!  I couldn't keep sunscreen on, it ended up in a puddle on the deck.  But the humidity was so bad that if I got up early before the high temps, the deck was soaked with dew, so...  Anyway, it's done!

Here's a picture of my flowers:


I've spent a lot of time on the tractor.  See this field I just bush hogged today?


Well, there's three more that I did just like it!  (We have 6...'Bama Dad did one of the other two and I still have one left to do).  This is the one 'Bama Dad did and shows a good picture of the pond:


What have I done for fun?  Not a lot, but...I did go thrifting and to a flea market where I got these two chairs which I bargained down from $30 to $20 for both!


I have one other that I bought at a thrift store, but it needs some glue.  I'm trying to get about 6 or 8 more to sit around the porch for extra seating and just 'cause I like them!

On a recent thrift store foray, I found this:


It's a wrought iron swing ($18) and matches other pieces that I have which need to be painted white:


I have other pictures and other things I did this summer, but I'll save them and try to write a post sooner!





  1. Everything looks great. I love the wrought iron pieces.


  2. Nice. Now rest, or can you do that on a farm???

  3. Hey, All your hard work looks beautiful. Take Care :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your swing! We put a swing on our back porch and I have spent hours in that thing. I'll spend more hours there when it's cooler.

    I think all of your hard work has paid off - your place looks wonderful!

  5. Well it looks amazing!! Sorry it was such hard work!