Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Facebook,

(This is my opinion and my blog, so if you're a fan of FB...I hope I don't hurt your feelings, but it is what it is.)


Dear Facebook,

We're through.  After 5 years, we're finally breaking up.  Why?  Because you've changed.   When I first joined you, I was in college (yes, I know I'm old, but I was going back to get my degree.)   Anyway, you started out as a social forum for college students.  I could connect with my professors and classmates.  Then you were made available to high school students.  Then you were available to everyone

And I fell into the hype (fad) of:  "I'm staying on Facebook to be able to keep up with all my friends and family."

So why am I leaving you now?  Well...

I'm tired of being Facebook stalked.  I'm tired of the drama.  You have become nothing more than a catalyst for busybodies.  You're the dealer for their "new crack".

I'm  also constantly being asked to "friend" everyone and their brother (or...their mother).  If I don't accept them, I get a phone call asking "Why?".   Seriously?

I also think most "kids" are also tired of it.  I mean ...when your grandmother asks to be your friend on Facebook, is this  a good thing?  I'm happy she's computer literate, but there's a  limit.  And...even if you are the "cool mom" do you really think your children aren't rolling their eyes and wishing you would just give them a little space?  And do I really want to know everything my kids, their friends, or my nieces and nephews do?  Is this just not opening myself up for drama?  (I can admit that I've been guilty of this.)

And...sure, it's nice not to have to buy a card and stamp to say "Happy Birthday".  I've even bought into this.   But how much trouble is it to do that?  Aren't my friends and family worth it?  Does everyone really appreciate all the blanket well wishes on Facebook?

Do I  want or need to know that my mother- in- law has  gone to WalMart to buy her denture cream?  Do I  need to know what you're having for dinner?  Do I need to read conversations between you and your long lost high school boyfriend?  Do I really need to see a picture your new tattoo and be one of the privileged "few" that know where it is?

I do appreciate that you will pray for me and want me to pray for you also, and I will, but...really?  I'm not sure God has time for Facebook, either.

I would rather you let me know that you and your husband are getting a divorce through a phone call...not by having to sort through comments to find this out.  (Or since you only post this on Facebook, if I don't get on and read it...I don't find out and ultimately make a faux pas when I do see you.)

And if your spouse, child, or parent has passed away...I'm going to give you a call or a visit to show my respect and not just post a line or two on Facebook.  Really.

And do I really need to see 694 pictures of you and your children at Disney?

So...although it was fun for a while, I just don't have time for you and all your drama.  I've outgrown you and moved on.



PS:  I know I can set the Privacy setting on Facebook to filter all the unwanted comments and searches for me and I know I can delete "friends".  That's not the point.  The point is...I'm leaving Facebook and just wanted to vent.




  1. Wow! That was good! I am not on facebook, although my 14 year old is and I see alot of ridiculous things on there. I believe it is a major time suck and I really have no extra time. Blogging is much better to me and even that is not always at the top of my chore list. I hope you are doing well. Have a great day.