Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Quilt and I...

have had a love/hate relationship.  At first, I hated it.  I hated the colors, the pattern...everything about it!  Here's a picture of the top before a second border was sewn on and before it was quilted.


Now, I love it!

I love the colors, the fussy cutting, the flannel backing, the quilting...yes, I love it!  And I'm not usually happy with my quilts...I always find flaws or find something I would do differently.  But, not this one.  (Ignore the black spot...that's on my camera.  I don't know what it is,  I may have to have a new camera?  Hint, hint?)


                                                                 After quilting.

                                    I love the backing and the scrappy binding.


                                           If you can't see it, click on the pictures!


I made this for David's mother.  She's ill.  She's going through chemotherapy, which makes her immune system bonkers.  That's why I added the flannel to the keep her warm.  I've never used flannel on my quilting machine, but I love working with it...I may never use anything else again!

Oh...before I forget: 

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PS:  "Just because you believe something doesn't make it true."


  1. This is a gorgeous quilt! And how very kind of you to make it for her in her time of suffering! God bless you and her. :D

  2. Debbie,
    Thank you for visting my blog and entering my giveaway ... Good Luck! I love your blog with your quilts ... can't wait to read more! Love the quilt above! I am now a follower of yours.
    And another Bama Gal!

  3. I love it-so pretty! And I bet the flannel does make it so soft and cozy-I'm sure she'll love it.