Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Charm?

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to write this post.  I've tried twice and in the middle of each one, my computer shut down.  Whut?  I don't know...it's just not been my day...or week! 

Forewarning:  Be prepared for heavy picture posting!

Today, I've been cleaning up the sewing room.  It seems I don't do spring cleaning instead, I do "seasonal" cleaning. 

But the reason I had to clean my sewing room and re-organize was not my fault.  'Bama Girl moved into a townhouse off-campus.  She came home and took a "few" things, such as her bedroom furniture.  Now her bedroom has become 'Bama Dad's office:


We still have a lot of work in there, but he's not home and I can shut the door!

What was more important was getting organizing this:


and this:


and finally...this:


'Bama Girl took the bookcase in which I was storing my fabric!

So...'Bama Dad bought me this (I love him so much!):


And now my sewing room looks like this:


and this:


also this:


and this.




All because of this (I adore that man!):


Wanna close-up? (Don't be jealous!)


The sewing room is really...well, too clean!  But it won't stay that way!  I already have  one quilt in the making (the two squares to the right on my design wall.)

It took me all day to get this organized...mainly because I stopped in the middle to make this (it's on the bathroom door):


Okay...enough pictures!!




  1. What a thoughtful husband! Everything looks great!!

  2. Debbie, Have you heard of Sew Delightful? It is a fabric store in Northport and I had heard it was such a good place to buy fabric that I went to see for myself. They have the most beautiful material I have ever seen. It is almost all cotton of some sort and they have some classes as well. The people there were so very nice as well. Sometime when you are visiting Bama Girl, go buy and check it out. It is in the strip mall just past the Winn-Dixie on McFarland (or Hwy 82 West) in Northport. Let me know what you think if you visit. Oh, love your sewing room!

  3. WOW the sewing room looks so much better, love the organizer the hubby bought, and just look at the rainbow of colors it holds. Looks like Cheddar was being a camera hog that day, and poor Chance, why do you have him under the table, poor thing. ;)
    lil sis

  4. I loved all your pictures, you did a nice job. Loved that organizer your dh bought!

    Now, when can you come over to do my room?

  5. Wow!! Miss Debbie- you put my sewing room to shame!! Your Hubby is wonderful to get that for you- and now your sewing room is too neat to work in!!
    (*giggle*- I clean mine up, then I don't want to start anything new and clutter it up. Am I a dork, or what?)

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet words, they do mean so much. You and I been around this old blog land for awhile now, thanks for not giving up on me. I do make my rounds and your still a must read and oh, I am jealous of that neat organized, tidy sewing room.
    Lots of love,

  7. That is the most awesome sewing room I have seen! You are a lucky lady, I can't wait to see what you will create there! :D