Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ugly quilt? What do "YOU" do?

Okay...I've started making an ugly quilt.  No.  Not on purpose.  I "thought" it would be pretty...but it's not! Seriously!  I liked the fabric...I liked the pattern.  But as I'm sewing it together, I find I'm beginning to not like anything about it.  And this is not the first time this has happened.  I've had pretty fabric but when sewing the quilt together, find I hate the pattern; conversely, I'll love a pattern, hate the fabric!  What to do?

This is the quilt in question (click on the photo and you'll see what I mean up close and personal!):


Just to clarify: I should have made it clear that there is an extra blue and white border, plus 3 more borders beyond that.  I haven't cut them out yet because I don't want to waste fabric if I don't finish.  Also, though the picture doesn't show it clearly, the yellow ribbon border actually yellow with a small white polka dot on it.  (If and that's a BIG "if", I finish it, I'll post better pictures!) re-posted 6/17...8:20 pm

I'm just not loving it...I'm not hating it either.  I guess I should say that I'm just not excited about it.  I'm not sure if it's the fabric color choices or the pattern, but I don't know if I want to finish it!  It's probably the pattern, because even though it's a perfectly gorgeous's not me.  But on the other hand, neither is the fabric.  It's a "bit" tame.  I tend to love brighter, louder colors...more pattern.

So...the question is:  What would you do?  Finish it?  Stop now and start another that you really want to do?  Throw it away?  Put it away, hoping that you'll find it later and love it again?  Finish it and give it away to your worst enemy? LOL!

On the bright side of my life...this is my new love!


For those of you who don't know...I love coffee!  So, when William's girlfriend, Megan and I went to see 'Bama Girl, we went shopping and ended up at World Market.  I bought each of us one of these ceramic coffee cups!  I love it!  I don't love paper coffee cups and am "trying" to be a little greener and I can take it into the sewing room and it doesn't get cold as quickly!

Hope you all have a great weekend (I'm starting early!!)




  1. You have to finish it. You've put too much time and effort into it. Besides, someone else might love it!

    I think I came to you through Darlene's Days...not really sure but I like your blog.

  2. Hi there....I like the cup...Now this is just me and I'm not a real quilter, but...I like this quilt, it's very pretty but...I don't like the yellow zig-zag border on it. I think just the blue dotted material makes enough of a border. Just my humble opinion :}

  3. I like the quilt-and love the cup-I'm a coffee drinker too : )

    Sometimes when I'm painting-and I decide I hate what I'm painting-I make myself finish and find I actually like the finished piece.

  4. Hey, My personal opinion....... I like the quilt.... NO....... I really like the quilt!!! I don't think it's ugily at all!! But then again that's just my personal opinion. Now finish it already so I can see the whole thing. lol Take Care :)

  5. I know EXACTLY what to do with that AWFUL
    quilt :-) FINISH IT! Put it in a box and Mail it somewhere where you won't have to look at ME!!! How could you not like it? I am not a quilter but my mom was and I saw how much hard work and love went into each square and stitch. Everything you create is a masterpiece to someone, even if you don't see it. So Just mail me your cast offs and they will receive the love they deserve! I really don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe you have been working to hard on it and need to take a break. who knows, it maybe your favorite next week ;-) Keep up the good work!

  6. Well, I beg to differ. I think the quilt is very lovely. And one of my favorite color combos.