Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's so hot...

You notice the best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.

You learn that a seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron.

The birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.

You discover that in June  it takes only 2 fingers to drive your car.

I burn my tongue just talking about it.

                                       Ba Dum Bum!

Yeah, it's hot!  But the heat here is not the's the humidity.  I'm drowning it's so bad.  In Alabama it's usually not such a problem and certainly not in June!  I got up and started bush hoggin' at 6:30 this 9:30, I could wring a gallon of water out of my clothes.  Too hot to do anything!  Even the pool isn't cool.  I mowed the lawn about 7:30 tonight and decided I'd get in the pool afterward to cool was like bathwater!  I looked at the water thermometer...90 degrees.

I did get a lot done today of other stuff done today.  After bush hogging, my nephew, Austin and I went back up into the pasture and picked mulberries:


                                          Austin + Mulberries = Jelly!




I made 24 jars.  Not bad for about an hour's worth of picking.

Austin is my brother, Danny and sister-in-law, Kim's son.  He lives in Louisiana and didn't want to go on vacation with the parents, so he opted to stay with me this week.  His parents are picking him up tomorrow...I'm sure he's ready to go back home (I work too much around here and there's very little to do except that!)

Unfortunately, he's not going to be here to help me with these:


Blackberries!  I took this picture a couple of mornings ago, now they're a lot closer to being fact, I think Austin and I may go out really early in the morning and see if we can pick the ripe ones.  I'm sure he just can't wait to do that!  NOT!  He's 16...the only thing he really wants to do is play Xbox, get on the computer, swim,  and text...text...text!  Anyway...blackberries mean lots more jelly to make!  The only problem I have with blackberries are ticks...chiggers...and snakes!  Hopefully I won't see any of them!  But if I do, I'll let you know!




  1. Mulberries! I haven't seen mulberries since I was a kid. I love picking blackberries. But I don't think I'd like it in this weather.

  2. Chiggers are the devils spawn!!! I went blackberry picking once and got eat alive by those demons!!!! Hope you don't get them. Spray before you go.
    I feel your pain with this humidity. We have been building all weekend in it. Went and jumped in the lake and it was hot also! No relief. Thermometer said 110 in the sun, moved it to the shade and it only went down to 104. Our high was supposed to be 92. LOL

  3. I am also feeling the heat and humidity. I overdid it today and I am cooked . . . so much for protecting my skin but I did get a lot done this weekend. We have a friend who brings us a couple gallons of fresh blackberries every year and I am looking forward to them. My husband loves blackberry cobbler so after eating a few I usually make him one and freeze the others for future cobblers. Have a nice week.