Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First comes love...

                                        'Bama Girl is engaged.



How do I feel about it? 

I'm okay.  I really like her fiance'.  He's nice.  He's cute.  He's sweet. He's smart.  And...he loves her a lot!  And she thinks he hung the moon.  So, as long as he makes her happy...I'm happy.  But if he should mess up?...temporary insanity is my plea.  (Not really...I'm too cute to go to jail!)

Am I worried?

Yes. ..even though they promised they wouldn't get married for 3-5 years or at least until one of them was out of law school and had a job.  He's a senior and she's a junior at the University of Alabama.  He'll be graduating this year, and I'm afraid that one of them might get an offer from a school out of state.  And it could be either one.  If not him, it may be her...will she go?  So,  of course I'm worried...she's my baby!

C'est la vie!

Well, gotta go...Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress  is coming on!




  1. Heyyyyy, congrats - I gulp right along with you. Got the same mom card, you know. :) I'd be better about my daughter getting engaged (should that happen) than my son! He is really making a bad choice with this latest GF - she doesn't "fit" in the family, it's not just me! All I want for Xmas is for him to see the light! Nuff said.

  2. Ha! No tatoos etc. He always went for athletic THIN adventurous types - this one is in none of the above - a candidate for Biggest Loser I swear to you! And she acts like a frikin Princess! I think he's gained weight so far with her - Ms. Couch Potato on her fat ass. SO not a fit - literally and figuratively. May my Xmas wish come true! :)
    Come on God!

  3. Congrats,My parents went through this with my sisters as well.

  4. Congratulations to them and to you!

    As a mother of grown children, I don't envy some of the next chapter or two you'll all have going on. I don't believe I would have the energy or emotional fortitude. Just remember, if the joy ebbs now and again, it's only a chapter, not the whole story.

  5. Moms worry - comes with the territory - but how blessed you are to have THOSE worries. It sounds like Bama Girl is a motivated young woman. Congratulations on parenting well done.

    And congratulations to Bama Girl on her engagement. The ring is beautiful!