Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Debbie needs...

Valarie did this really cool meme over on her site, so I thought I would, too!  What you do is...type your name and needs into Google...soooo...

Debbie needs a saddle.  Huh?

Debbie needs prayer.  Well...don't we all?

Debbie needs to look behind her.  Uh oh! 

Debbie needs to stop the anti-pale comments.  No...that would be 'Bama Girl.

Debbie needs a man.    I have one, thank-you!  And a good one at that!  

Debbie needs some love.  See above!

Debbie needs our prayers.  Again?  Every little bit helps!

Debbie needs a home.  A retirement home?  An old folk's home?  A beach home?  A home on the range?

Debbie needs a wig.   Now really!  Yes, I got a bad haircut the other day...but that's going a bit far.

Debbie needs coffee time.  Oh yeah!

Debbie needs a maid.  That says it all!

Debbie needs to grab a seat on the clue bus.  Really?  Hmmmmm.  I guess I'm being told to get a life?  That would be so true!

Debbie needs a smile.  Okay!






  1. Yours turned out good! You know me and Twilight, I couldn't be Anti-Pale. :)

  2. "Debbie needs to stop the anti-pale comments." LOL! How funny!! I have never heard the phrase 'anti pale' but that is a hoot.

  3. Love this! I will have to give it a try as soon as I have a spare moment. I've had one sick since Sunday his fever broke yesterday and if he does well today he can go to school tomorrow. I've also had the two little ones since Monday and they will be going home in the morning. Hey, send me an email... vickie752@yahoo.com

    Take Care :)

  4. Debbie needs to clue suZen in because I've obviously been on clueless meds!

  5. Ha! That was too cute Debbie! Now about that saddle part... LOL