Monday, March 9, 2009


Not much is going on around here, that's why I've been MIA for so long. 

Hubby and Auburn Guy are working in Jesup, GA.  Yes, Auburn Guy is working...we're not sure if he's going back to school at this time.  I really wish he would, but...he did finish 4 years of college and got his BS....he is (or will be in a few weeks) 23 years, what can I do?  I can tell him that he's making a bad decision, but who hasn't?   I can tell him that he'll have regrets, but who hasn't?  Really, all I can do is be supportive and hope that he will eventually go back. 

'Bama Girl will be home Friday...spring break!  And I really think she needs a's been a hard semester so far...she's been sick and I  think she just needs to come home and rest a while.  (I'll let her rest a few days and then, we're cleaning out her closet and the attic.  She never throws anything away...just puts everything in garbage bags and throws it in the attic!)

Oh!  The title of this blog!  David and I are going on a cruise!  He's been wanting to go somewhere (for our 30th anniversary-belated!).  But...I've been the hold-out.  I hate (and I mean that!) leaving home.  I admit it, I'm a homebody!  I also stress out about the unknown.  I mean, I really, really stress out!  But, I'm going to try this.  Maybe I'll like it.  (Can you see where I'm going?  I'm trying to convince myself!)  Anyway...we're taking a five-day cruise out of New Orleans to Progresso and Cozumel.  We'll leave here on the 3rd of April, spend the night and most of the next day in New Orleans, then board at 4pm on the 4th.





  1. Hey, I hope everything works out for your son. But as you said he is the one that has to make his own decisions even if it's not what we want. I know I've been there with my oldest and felt he was making a big mistake but in the end as has done really good for himself and I'm proud of him.

    A CRUISE!!! OH girl you got to get happy about this. I'm a homebody also but a CRUISE! Just remember it's not something you will do often or maybe never again so get in the spirit and do the happy dance. A cruise... A cruise... Debbie's going on a CRUISE! Happy Dance Girl Happy Dance!

    Take Care :)

  2. Hi, Spend a few more days in New Orleans. See a plantation, take the swamp tour. I had so much fun when I went! We were there four days. Your crusise sounds fun, too! I love to travel. I'm so jealous!!
    Hugs, Susan

  3. Seems the older my kids get, the more I need the duct tape on my mouth. Some days I could choke on the stuff but I swear I'm keepin quiet. (25 & 27, both need heads examined!)

    CRUISIN eh? I am the homebody as well, I understand. I'd listen to Susan and stay in Nola a few days. BEST restaurants in the world and tons to see and do.

  4. Hey, Debbie! I've been missing in action myself lately. Nothing going on but just don't have time to blog!! We really do have lots in common, you know. I've had a lot of difficulty coming to terms with the fact that I can't make my kids do what I think they should. Youngest is 33 now and I'm still trying to get over not being a big influence in his life. And oh, my!! The stress - no - anxiety I have about the unknow. Trips are almost not worth it due to the stress of getting packed and on the way!!! I've gotten better over the years. The RV is better than going without "stuff" and for the most part we don't need all the "stuff" I pack. Hope you have a wonderful cruise. You are so right to make yourself go. It gets easier every time. Later. Sharon

  5. I'm a homebody too and not much of a traveler (except between Tx & OK)but I'll bet you love the cruise.

    Just be sure to take plenty of money because they seems to find ways to charge for so many extras. ugh...

  6. Hey come on by I have something for you. Take Care :)

  7. Thanks for your well wishes...hopefully the sickness is done! It must have been awful to get to month 7 thinking you were home free from that and then getting sick! Have a great time on your cruise!!

  8. Yep 23 means he makes his own way. I'm sure it'll all work out for him.

    I hope you have a wonderful cruise!!

  9. There is a couple of married bloggers - Sarge Charlie and Empress Bee - who cruise OFTEN and love it. I am praying that you will enjoy it too.

    Glad you get to see Bama Girl!

  10. Vann and I took our first cruise in 2007, I think it was. We loved it.