Monday, November 3, 2008

My Little Mermaid!

'Bama Girl came home before Halloween and announced she needed a costume.  Now, I thought those days had come and gone!  I've made costumes for school plays, Halloween, and anything she ever needed one for.  So...I guess she thinks I'll always be here to make one and...I guess I will!

She and her friends decided to be Disney 'Princesses'.  Both of her other friends are also in the band at Alabama and play clarinet.  One of them was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  The other was Snow White.  Of course, with the red hair and all....'Bama Girl was Ariel!  Most of the band dressed up for rehearsal on Halloween.  I really would have like to have seen 'Bama Girl dressed up and carrying her tuba!'s the picture she sent:




And before you ask...yes, she has a shirt on!  She's definitely not a hoochie!  She's very modest, therefore always covered up!  But, I was stumped on how to do Ariel otherwise!





  1. Love the costumes!! You done good, Debbie!!

  2. good costumes!I hope that you had a greatweekend.

  3. Debbie you did a great job! The girls picked a cute theme. Take Care :)

  4. love the costumes, you see little ones in those costumes all the time, it's nice to see "older" children in them.....LOL

    Gill in Canada