Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Go Out Walking....

The title won't mean much unless you can hear the song...and even that doesn't make a lot of sense, but I wanted something to go with this post, and I like Patsy Cline.

Well yeah...I went to the doctor on a totally unrelated matter to what I'm writing about.  She heard me coughing, asked how long that had been going on, and decided to do a chest x-ray.  So, I've been sick for what?  3 weeks?  Anyway, she looked at the x-ray and decided I have walking pneumonia.  Not such a big deal, but she put me on steroids.  Folks...steroids make me mean!  Hard to get along with!  Depressed.  And I eat!  I hate being on them.

In other news...'Bama Girl is a little upset with me.  After the doctor visit, I had to call and let her know that I can't be at the game today.  The weather is wet....and cold...and the wind is's a night game.  I tried to explain that it wasn't ideal conditions for me to be in.  I don't think she understood.  But, I'll try and make it up to her in a week and a Thanksgiving.  I really wanted to go, though.  I had a ticket and everything!  Even a tailgate party to go to....I'm sad.

Goodness, this is really depressing!  So.....TA DA!

GOOD NEWS!  I found a TURDUCKEN!  YAY!  I found one in Huntsville, but they wanted $119 for it.  Can you imagine?  Is it stuffed with gold?  And, they don't even do it there!  They have it shipped in!  Well, I can do that myself.  So I did!  I ordered one off the internet.  But, I didn't order a whole one.  I ordered a turducken roll.  It's a turkey breast (deboned) stuffed with duck slices, then chicken, then finally with cajun sausage.  We've never had one and I really didn't want to spend nearly a hundred dollars for something we may or may not like.  If we do like it, I'll buy a whole one next year.  (Auburn Guy may be unhappy about this...but, join the crowd...what else is new!)  I'm also going to fry a whole turkey for us.  Bonnie and her husband are doing this, so I'm splitting the cost of the peanut oil with them.

And...YAY, Alabama!  Yes!  Just two more games!  Mississippi State and then...AUBURN!  Then?  Well, if we win.....?  I don't want to jinx it!  But I want to win the next one too!

            Roll Tide!


                   I'm a Nick Chick!




  1. Take care of yourself! Your kids will understand...well, they better. Have a great weekend anyway.

  2. There is a lot of that "walking pneumonia" going around this year. Don't know what kind of germs we are growing but they seems to be really tough! So, take care of yourself. There will be other games to attend. The weather today is not fit for a totally well person to be out in. Hope that Tur-duck-n turns out to be a real big hit. Roll Tide!!!

  3. I hope you feel better soon and you are doing the right thing for yourself by not going to the game. I hope your turducken roll is good and glad you found it. Take Care :)

  4. I think it's a good idea you didn't go, because it looked pretty miserable at the game last night...cold and rainy! But we won! Roll Tide! :)

  5. This is totally not on the real subject of your post, but when Syd was about 4 she knew all the word to that song and would sing them loud and proud. She was so cute. :)

  6. So sorry you're sick-but glad you found the turducken thing!

  7. I hope you are feeling better. I had pneumonia last winter so I can relate. I hate steroids too. I can't sleep when I take them.

    I can't wait to hear the turducken review. I have always wanted to try one.

  8. Turducken? Is that what Steve Madden fixes on TV every year? He also has a turkey with 6 legs....creepy!