Friday, November 7, 2008

Didja really think I wasn't going to talk about it?




     Alabama  vs   LSU


You knew I would!

'Bama Girl is in Baton Rouge.  I talked to her this afternoon.  I warned her! 

I told her to stay in a group.  Do not leave the hotel.  Do not go anywhere by yourself...not even the bathroom!  Do not wear an Alabama t-shirt.  Do not look an LSU fan in the eye!

"Mommmm...they already told us all that!" 

Did they tell you about flying beer bottles and high heels?  "YES!"


Listen...I'm originally from Louisiana...I know of what I speak!  LSU  fans are hostile!  They hate Saban!  They hate Alabama!  We're #1!

On the news, it was reported that security was being beefed up for the buses carrying the team and band because of rumors that fans were going to try and turn them over.  Didja  hear that, 'Bama Girl?  Huh?  Didja?

(Will they?  Probably not.  Can they?  No.) know where I'll be tomorrow at 2:30!  Sittin' on the couch with David watching the game(he's going to be home this weekend! Yay!)!

I know I have friends and family from Louisiana who read my blog...sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling, but you know it's true!

C'est la vie, ma cher!





  1. I can't believe you ate at Gibson's yesterday, too! What time were you there? We arrived at about 11. Sorry I missed you. It was so delicious!

  2. I hope bama girl listens to her Momma!!

  3. We left the 6th Ave Gibson's at about 11:50. Must have just missed each other!

  4. I believe ya and I hope Bama girl listens to Mom and makes it home safe. :)

  5. Too funny, Debbie!
    I'm with Tipper- I hope Bama girl heeds your advice!

  6. I know how you feel, they never listen!!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. I love all the advice that you gave Bama Girl. I don't think you were hyper sensitive... just being a really good mom. I trust all was fine.