Sunday, July 20, 2008

The End...


I'm finished and so is Chance!

Well, almost. The lighting is the only thing left to do and that will have to wait until David comes home. (Ohhhh, I forgot about painting the outside of the house...darn!)

The only rooms I haven't shown are the master bath and bedroom and the flooring in the living room.



Looking through the mirror, you can see the tile.



My bedroom. No pictures are hung yet. Kinda minimal right now! I'll get right to that! Ha!



The floor!




So...I guess you're all glad that's over. I am!

Sunday, I'll be leaving for Wyoming. David and I will be doing the tourist thing on the way home. I'll use his laptop and try to keep in touch. We'll be going through Colorado, Texas, Louisiana and more. While in Louisiana, we'll stop and visit my brothers. Meanwhile, I've got a lot of appointments this week, errands to run, and packing. So, I may not be able to post as much as I'd like. However, I'll try to check in on all of yours!





  1. Gorgeous!! It looks wonderful!
    I hope you enjoy your trip! Don't forget to pack your high heeled boots!!
    Becareful and take lots of pictures! That is some beautiful country!

  2. Your home is gorgeous -will you be back in time for our date at Chili's- some time the first couple of weeks in August?
    Have fun- I was in TTown this whole weekend -moved my girl to one block from University BLvd.
    Have fun-keep in touch!!
    Be blessed!

  3. Oh it looks wonderful! Really. I love the colors of your bathroom.

    And um, is the blog layout new? I have been out of the loop but it looks different. Different PRETTY!


  4. Looks real great. Hugs and Blessings!

  5. Wow the brown and blue look really good together. I love the floor! Have a wonderful time on your trip and take lots of pictures. Take Care :)

  6. I jealous! It just looks amazing! You picked the best colors-they just look perfect. I know you are glad it it mostly over. Makes me wish I could re-do mine.

  7. Wow!!!
    That looks better than some I've seen in Southern Living!!
    You ROCK, Debbie!!

  8. Everything is so pretty. I love all that blue. Is that Raymond and Debra's bed? (Everybody Loves Raymond)

  9. Thanks everyone, I'm glad it's pretty much finished!

    Susan-haha, I saw their bedroom furniture, too! Yes, it's the same. I think I got mine a long time before the show, tho.

  10. just wanted to thank you for popping by today and wanted to say have a great trip.

    Gill from Canada

  11. OH you did an amazing job!!!!

    Email me when you get a minute...

  12. Your whole house looks gorgeous. You need a good break after all that remodeling. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and a nice visit with your brothers.
    I could not wait to read your comment to Paula about the big 'ol snake. I new you would be creeped out by that. I guess it was a good thing it was not your chicken huh? I hate them too.I hate them most when they startle me. My mom is always telling me I'm gonna get bit while I'm off in the weeds pick'in blackberries. I also tell her that it would have to catch me first to bite me. Ha! Love your new blog too. It looks so mordern and trendy.