Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roll Tide, Rammer Jammer, Go Big A!

Yeah, I just had to do it! 'Bama Girl auditioned today and made the tuba section in the Million Dollar Band so...Woohoo!

Happy Dance!

Apparently this post will be pictures of me! And I don't do pictures...I'm usually behind the camera. I also don't usually post pictures of food, but we went to Milo's and it was so good, I couldn't resist!

Big bite! I was starving.

I think my carpet situation is resolved. They couldn't get the color in that I ordered, so they upgraded my carpet to a better one at no cost and it should be in Tuesday or Wednesday (not that I'm happy about that, but what can I do?) They are coming back in the morning to finish the wood flooring and I should finish the bathroom wall tile Saturday. And my appliances will be here between 1 and 5 tomorrow (this means I sit here all afternoon waiting!)

And this is the mess I have to wait in!

'Bama Girl just got back home, so I've got to go fix some supper!




  1. Rammer Jammer Indeed! I am Happy Dancin' with you! Congratulations on having an awesome daughter!

    Yea Bama Girl! Now look, if you ever come up with any Million Dollar Band stuff that is too small, or is stained, or has a rip or a hole in it even, don't throw it away! Send it to my Saxaphone/Trombone playing Alabama Fan daughters! OK? They will SO TOTALLY take Bama hand me downs. With pleasure!!

    MMMM. Milos. Everybody everybody everybody everybody... Everybody goes to... MILOS!

    Hey Debbie. You are a cutie!


  2. WooHoo! COngratulations to Bama Girl!

    And I can't wait to see your finished remodeling....what an undertaking.

  3. Congrats to Bamma Girl!! And your food does look delicious!

  4. Congrats to 'Bama Girl! That's great that she plays an instrument well enough to be in a band. You must be so proud.
    I'm not sure if I said 'hi,' but thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment on the little outfit I made!

  5. I will say congratulations, (even thought I don't like Alabama) because I know this is a big thing. I am very happy for her. :)

  6. Congrats Bama Girl!!!!
    Deb your a woman I can relate to big bites and we have the same name. Kindred spirits I say! lmao

  7. Hey there, My husband said that hamburger sure don't look like a Crystal Burger to him.. Ha!