Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You get three guesses about what I've been doing.

Making aprons? Quilting? Relaxing?

No, you're all wrong! I'm remodeling my house! So far, 'we've' decided that 'we're' going to put tile on the floor in the bathrooms and kitchen, wood flooring in the living area/dining room, and carpet (maybe) in the bedrooms. New countertops in the baths and kitchen. All new appliances and sink for the kitchen, and new faucets to replace all the old ones.

I've been running around getting estimates and picking out materials. I've decided on granite for the baths and kitchen. Travertine stone for the floors and travertine for the walls. (I'll be doing the tiling on the walls, but not on the floor - free installation...I'm may be slow, but I'm not stupid!)

Why am I doing this? Because my house is 17 years old and so is most of everything in it! Especially the appliances!

Did I mention I'm painting all the rooms and removing wallpaper? Well, here's what I've done between all the running around:


Master bath (very outdated wallpaper!)


And...ta da! This is what I'll be replacing it with:

See the nasty burgundy formica? Say bye-bye!

This is the granite I'm replacing it with.

And this is a 2"x 2" crushed glass decorative tile insert. Pretty, huh?

Okay, don't believe I can tile? Look at my kitchen, uh huh!:

But, I may have to rip this out for the new countertops.

Sorry all of you are having to suffer through this. Mostly it's for my husband, because as you know he's in Wyoming and is having hardly any say in the matter, so i though he'd want to see my decisions! So, this is for you, babe!

But, Debbie is not all work and no play, I'll show you later my finds from the thrift stores that 'Bama girl and I hit today...don't look tomorrow, honey!




  1. Are there no end to your talents?
    Enjoy having your daughter at home this summer I am jealous!
    Do you ever come to Huntsville? We should have a girls dinner out with valarie and some of the other folks up this neck of the woods.
    Be blessed!

  2. Thanks Lorie! I go to Huntville all the time...we should do it. That would be fun!
    As a matter of fact, 'Bama Girl and I are going there today. She needs her shopping fix!

  3. Debbie - Wow, I love what you are doing! It is going to look great.

    My house is about 100 years old and so is the decor. I have such great plans, but I am such a procrastinator.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. woohoo! I see a "Home Tour" coming up at your house soon, Debbie! I would love to see it when everything's done!

  5. So exciting! Once its finished you'll feel like you're living in a new house.

  6. Love your ideas sweetie, as usual you continue to inspire me with all your talent!