Friday, May 16, 2008

Same song, second verse, a little bit louder and a whole lot worse...

Yeah, I'm still busy...'nuff said!

My son graduated from UNA Saturday. My brothers and their families have gone back to Louisiana. 'Bama Girl is home for the summer. Good times!
After the graduation hubby, Auburn Guy (official now!), and I went to Auburn on Monday to find an apartment. Found one! A nice expensive one!

Came home and packed up the Guy on Wednesday, and we all (including 'Bama Girl) trekked back to Auburn Thursday - U-haul behind us. We spent most of the day moving him in. rained. Buckets!'s done.

Did I cry at graduation? Did I cry when I left him in Auburn? Need you ask? He's my baby, my first born. At least when he was at UNA, I got to see him at least every other weekend.
I know...he's twenty-two and has a promising future and career ahead of him - I've got to cut the apron strings...
Speaking of apron strings....well, as you can see I've been so (insert "ugly word") busy, that I haven't had the time to do anything about my aprons. I started on two of them Tuesday, got the pockets wrong on one, threw my hands in the air, packed up the sewing machine and declared I was done! Not done forever, but done with sewing until everything settled down. Now maybe they have and I can get back to it.

Gotta go take the U-haul back now....




  1. Thanks for coming to visit me! It's hard to let them out of the nest, isn't it? Best wishes for your son.

  2. Hey girl- your Auburn boy is handsome! Too bad we can't do like the old days and arrange a meeting. My Alabama girl wonders where are all the good guys-hmm-maybe they are at Auburn- after all it is GOD'S Country!!
    I feel your pain about missing your baby!
    Be blessed!

  3. OH sweetie, congrats to both of you! Your son is so handsome gosh, you must be so proud!

    Have yourself a blessed and amazing weekend!

  4. Congrats to your son (and the whole family) on his graduation from UNA. He's a handsome lad. Better watch out for those Autumn girls.

  5. I'm coming back to read tonight - we are running out the door - but I wanted to tell you that I answered you back!

    Take care and I'll be back in a bit to READ.


  6. Stumbled onto your blog and love it! Congrats to the son. And I love your aprons very neat!

  7. *Sniff* I know you're so proud, but *sniff* now I'm crying, too...

  8. congratulations! You have a very beautiful family. Auburn is not so far away. You can visit regularly!!!

  9. Tough times to see your first born graduate from college for sure! But, you must be sooo proud.

  10. Grudging congratulations from this over the top Bama fan.

    Seriously? CONGRATULATIONS!!!