Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dead tired...

This will probably be short and sweet.

I said I would show what I picked up at our thrift store outing, so here we go:

Set of sheets - New - $5

Quilt - hand quilted $5


Can you believe someone would basically throw this away? I always wonder about things like that. Who made it? Did they give it to someone who really didn't know how much time and love was put into it? Maybe it's just me.

Now, I hate to put ya'll through this, but I'm also using my blog to show my progress on my remodeling projects. That's why I'm so tired. I finished taking down all the wallpaper in the master bath, cut the sheetrock to put in cement backerboard and was going to replace the faucets when I found a now all progress is halted there until the plumber comes...there's only so much I can and electricity are the two I don't mess with!

So I went to the kids/guest bath and started work in there. I got all the wallpaper off, and now that I can't use the master bath, 'Bama girl and I are sharing this one. Fun times! NOT!

This is what we're sharing!

Auburn Guy is thinking about coming home for a visit...maybe he should read this and think twice!

Ugly wallpaper...what was I thinking?

Well, enough of that! At least for tonight. And I'm really having trouble getting this to space right, it's double spacing everything. I'm beginning to have a complex...nothing is going right! And yes, I know I use {...}'s too much...sorry! I write the way I talk!




  1. Hello Beautiful!
    GREAT finds! Wish I could have gone with you! LOVE doing fun stuff like that!!!

  2. Wow, nice quilt! I can't believe someone would throw this away!

    You are making good progress on your bathroom. I can't wait to see the finished result! Thanks for sharing. Joyce in Iowa

  3. You need to relax and do something fun! Maybe go thrifting again. You have great thrift stores! Ours are so so in Riverside. Or else I don't look often enough.

    I wish I had your energy. My house is a mess and I'm blogging and reading blogs and being lazy. I have to work soon because I want the house painted inside before hot weather hits. I better get up off my buttina!

    Hugs, Susan

  4. The sheets and quilts are gorgeous. I'm gonna have to make a trek up to Decatur soon to visit your thrift store.

  5. So do you think you could stand meeting me - my son in love has to come over and help open the Chili's in Decatur and I said I want to come and see if my blog friend will meet me for dinner, maybe I can bring Valerie. He said yes and he will make sure we get the royal treatment.
    What do you think?

  6. WOW !! You are an industrious gal!!! Those renovation projects would probably send me over the deep end.... you go girl!!! I'm sure your bathrooms and whatever else you decide to tackle will come out GREAT!!
    .....oh, and did you EVER strike the mother lode with that quilt!!! Five BUCKS ?!?!?! WOW !

  7. Cool Thrift store finds. I am SO due a trip to the Thrift store.

    I admire you taking on the remodeling projects! I need to think about doing some things around the house too.


  8. Please take me shopping with you next time, Debbie!
    I want to fight over stuff like that with you! LOL

  9. One person's junk is your treasure! Love the quilt.

  10. Oh bless your heart, I know the horror of remodeling. Did you use downy and warm water to get the wallpaper off? If you didn't and have to take anymore down, it works like a charm.

  11. Okay Woman - are you too busy working to let us see whats going on in your life???
    I keep checking!!!!!!
    I bet you have Home Beautiful by now!!!
    Be blessed!

  12. You talk with elipses?! ROFLOL! Hey, what great thrift store finds--PARTICULARLY (I talk in capital letters!) the QUILT! Wow!