Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Going, going....Gone

Not forever, but it will be a few days before I'll be able to post - again....too busy to even sit and type! But I will check in on your blog! Amuse me!

Now...I want to take a few minutes to show my age!

I was in the 'hateful, stand-in-line the rest of your life' discount store that I only go into once in a blue moon and almost lost my religion!

Here's my version:

1. Was moving into a check out line, when a man pushed my buggy (cart) aside and jumped in front of me! Oh no he didn't! I said "Excuse me"! and proceeded to give him a lesson in manners, while all the time he stood there staring as if I had lost my mind! (I had!)...of course, he didn't speak English. Oh well...my bad.

2. So...I moved into another line (20 items or less...I had two...2!) The two men ahead of me had 57 items...I counted! At first there was another lady ahead of me (she applauded the first incident!)...but, she forgot cat food and left the line. Back to the men... Of course the check-out clerk would not say anything about the number of items, and after 15 minutes of checking them out, she put their check through....and....it was declined! Manager is called...takes another 15 minutes of explanations and they were finally moved from the line. I was steaming and asked the clerk why she took that many items in this line? I was told it is the policy not to say anything. Then why have this line? My bad for getting into a 'speedy' check-out!

3. In the line (from which I had moved previously) was a mother and son buying a small bike (about 2 feet high with training wheels - the bike, not the boy). The child grabbed candy and the mother said no put that back. The kid balls his hand into a fist and hits the mother on the back (he's about 4 years old)...did she do anything? NO! Would I? Oh yeah...bring child protective services on...'cause somebody would have been crying all the way to the car!

4. Finally got checked out and was thankfully leaving the store when...dum da dum dummm...the above mother was sitting on a bench while kid was riding the bike and blocking the exit. I tried to maneuver aound them, but...he ran all over me...okay, again....My bad!

Side note: Yes, my darling family I know you're glad you were not with me (especially Alabama Girl - she would have dug a hole and crawled in!)

Is it too much to ask for a few manners? Can people not control their children? If you don't have money, don't you know you can't buy anything?

My point: Is it me? Am I just too old and grouchy to be let out of the house? Have I lost my mind? Maybe so!

The next thing you know I'll be telling little kids that there's no Santa Claus!

Have a nice day!




  1. You are not bad, out of your mind or anything but RIGHT!!! That kid should not have gotten the bike, we know what he should have gotten.
    Rudeness is running rampant. I always give crying children in that store the evil eye. You know the one that says "Keep it up and you die!" My parents would have told me, "Do you want to go to the car?" and I would have cowered in fear. I don't think I ever went to the car...I knew I would never survive the trip. I was afraid there were instruments of torture in the trunk! Because of that threat I have perfect manners! :)

  2. All I can say is AMEN!!!
    And I thought it was just me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels thata way about this store. Dear me, Gotta go there tomorrow.

  3. Uh Uh Girl. You are RIGHT ON. My kids KNOW not to pull BS with momma. Cause she will go all ballistic on your kid sized butt and aw heck, it's on.

    So, yes, you are as a Mom, right again.

    Happy Mother's Day!


  4. Happy Mom's Day sweetie! I added you to my blog roll, I really want one of those aprons!

  5. I hate it when people get in the 20 or less line with a million items. I want to scream at them!! Walmart makes me crazy like that. When I was pregnant, our Walmart had a maternity parking spot and I yelled at a man, yes a man, who was parked there. He just blew me off and I had to park way out far!!!

  6. Hey Chickapee! I'm missing you around blogland. Hope that things are getting more normal.

    Come by and meet Mr. White when you get a chance.

    Be blessed.