Monday, June 13, 2011

What you missed...

Trust me.  You missed a lot!  This is going to be a picture laden post!  I went to a quilt show in Cullman, AL this weekend...gorgeous quilts!  I made lots of pictures, but here's a few of my favorites:


                                       Got to make one like this!


                                               My kind of colors!


                                 I need to make one  for Halloween.


                                                        Love the batiks!


                                                     One after another!


                          Somebody in the family needs to have a baby girl!

The next pictures are of a couple of sweet vendors at the show:



Ladies, I have apologize..I lost your names.  I had a freak accident this weekend.  A kitchen fire.  The fire department had to come and everything!  But thankfully, no one was in the house, except Chance...and he's okay.  I was out on the tractor mowing near the pond and when I came back to the house, I opened the door to a lot of smoke, but no flames.  Apparently my paper towels had blown onto my stove (off, but still hot from previous use) and started a fire.  My cabinets are blistered and my countertop is ruined in one place...and the house smells like smoke.  But everything is okay, no worries!  So...sometime during all the confusion, the bag that had your cards in it has disappeared...if I find it, I'll add your names later.  Or, if you want to email me, I'd be happy to add them sooner!  Again, I'm so sorry!

To end on a happy note, here's some of the fabric that I bought and a clue to the next quilt I'm making!


Well, gotta go!




  1. Debbie, I wish I could have gone to the quilt show. The quilts are beautiful!
    Sorry about the fire ... UGH!

  2. Oh, Debbie~ I'm so sorry about your kitchen! And after all the work you put into your cabinets... it makes me want to cry for you! But so glad it wasn't any worse... how scary.
    I loved the pictures of the quilt show~ I would have loved to have seen those in person!

  3. Good grief Debbie! Your attitude about the fire is amazing. I would be whining and fussing but you seem to be taking it in stride. I'm impressed!

    The first quilt is my favorite. Something about the different colors and patterns of the stars is eclectic and WONDERFUL. They are ALL pretty though.


  4. WOW, you have had a full few days. Wished I was there to help out with your kitchen. Would loved to have gone to the show with you too. See you in 53 days, maybe we can find something to get into. :)

    your lil sister

  5. I live in Cullman & didn't make it to the quilt show! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

  6. ooohhh...and sorry about the fire!! I would have been scared half to death!