Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Let Freedom Ring!


I made and quilted a red, white, and blue stars quilt.  I think I really like it!    It’s very different from my other quilts…at least I think so!  But what do I know?                                 

In other news…                                  

Miss July 4th, 2011 made her appearance.  We had a baby…*squeal*!


It wasn’t expected until September.  Right now, we’re not sure if it was early or if the vet messed up the dates.

Other than that, not much is going on except work on my kitchen…again.  Same song, second verse…

I’ve picked out new cabinets, countertops and appliances.  Before the fire, we had planned on a redo of the kitchen anyway, but not to this extent!  We also are planning on new carpet and *maybe* new living room furniture…crossing fingers!

Anyway, I’ll be getting a new stove (gas…which I don’t have now.), an over the stove microwave, a new sink and faucet, as well as granite countertops.  I’ve picked out white cabinets and an oak island, two things I didn’t expect, because I’m all for the darker, more vibrant colors of the spectrum.  I’ll be getting  most of the bells and whistles such as:  a cabinet with a lazy susan, a mixer lift, and roll out shelves/drawers? I’m not sure what they’re called…LOL!   I’m also getting a garbage compactor (never had one before!) 

The best thing?  All my appliances will match!  I don’t know if ya’ll remember, but I did a whole house redo in my Decatur home a few months before selling and moving to Eva…total regret at having to leave it! 

The only problem I’ve encountered with this remodel is the indecisiveness I’m having with the granite countertops.  Should I go with Uba Tuba, which was in the Decatur house:



Santa Cecilia?


As of now, the money is on the Santa Cecilia and we got an off white ceramic sink (which I can return)  and will get a rubbed oil bronze finished faucet.  The problem I’m having is that the tile in the kitchen and dining room clash with the granite, plus you all know how much I like darker colors…this is my conundrum!  Here’s a picture of the floor tiles:


with a picture of the countertop samples:


**Click to see larger pictures!

And yes, if you all say the darker countertop, I agree, but…remember these are samples. (I have to keep reminding myself of that!)  Also,  the cabinets I ordered are white and the island will be oak, and…the countertops will not be laying next to the floor but closer to the cabinet.  A conundrum!  (I’m trying to convince myself that the Santa Cecilia is the “right” one…**I’ve already ordered it, but…!  Oh well…I’ll sleep on it…I have until Tuesday to make up my mind (all opinions will be considered and appreciated with love!)




  1. A new quilt, new baby & new kitchen you have had a busy few eeks. I say go with the Santa Cecilia, it's more versatile and like you said it's closer to your cabinets than your floors. Can't wait to get home to see all three.
    LY Donna

  2. Yeah, your best bet is to call around to get free estimates from local kitchen countertops contractors who can assist you in determining how to go about refinishing your kitchen countertops.

  3. I love granite countertops. I like the lighter one. I think it would go really good with the white cabinets.