Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Same song, second verse...

could get better, but it's gonna get worse!

It's not even summer yet and I'm sweltering!  11 days above 90* and no rain in the forecast.  But there's not a lot I can do about the weather, is there?

I haven't done much lately except spend time in the pool.  David was home this weekend and just left yesterday.  We're on the retirement count-down for sometime in August!

I did work on  a couple of  projects last week:

**Click for larger views.



I made curtains from drop cloths and hung them on the porch area outside of our bedroom.  (No sewing project...they're hemmed on all sides!)

Here's the view from inside:


And I also made a couple of pillows:


Since it's so hot, I think I'll stay inside and maybe do a little quilting this week.  I got a new template for a Twister block in Decatur the other day.  Another quilt shop is going out of business and everything was on sale, but between you and me...they were really on the pricey side.   But, luckily another one is expanding just a few doors down.

Well, guess I'll go look at my fabric stash and see if there's anything that interests me!





  1. Oh, what a beautiful place to be when it cools down a bit! You did such a good job on your curtains! I want to learn to sew. I was just at the thrift store today, looking for a sundress I could bring home and take apart and use for a pattern. They were 6.88! I thought that was high for a thrift store! So maybe I can find an easy pattern at the local Hobby Lobby, since their patterns are usually discounted.

  2. RRRRR! My computer is still behaving badly and I can't view the pictures. I can tell I'm missing something good!

    It really is miserably hot. Ah! Summer in Alabama - makes you appreciate fall in Alabama :)

  3. Oh, Miss Debbie~ what a bee-yu-tiful poolside patio you have! I LOVE the curtains... they look wonderful. And those pillows are so cute! (LOVE the rooster... does that surprise you? HA)
    Stay in that pool as much as you can... it's been unbearable here too and I give anything to have some water nearby to jump in! (I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk... teehee)

  4. Hey Debbie, because of the heat, I'm working inside more too, which is good because I need to. A while back I think I read that you had glazed your cabinets (Expresso) and I am thinking about doing mine and I was wondering what type of glaze you used. We remodeled our kitchen and added new cabinets to our existing ones and there is a little difference in the two. Like you, since it is so hot, I'm looking for inside projects to do. Have a nice week and try to stay cool.