Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have no shame...

and I'm tired.  I've cleaned house and cooked ALL DAY.  That's why I'm showing these pictures...'cause I have no shame!  And it looks like I've never cleaned my kitchen!  But I know better!


                                Chicken and "Trinity" for Gumbo


                                    Dumplings in the food processor

                                                 and Earth day on TV

Why have I cooked and cleaned so much?  'Cause...

'Bama Dad comes home tonight.    If I do all this ahead of time, then I can spend the time we have together....well, together.  Not cooking and cleaning.                                 

Also...'Bama Girl and 'Bama Fiance are coming home.  Did I tell you Fiance got into Law School?  Full ride, too!  Yay!

So...since they are coming, I'm cooking.  Did you know college students have no money?  Did you know they never eat?  Or if they do, it's Ramen Noodles?


                                                   I wish these were clean


                     and I wish someone would come take out my garbage!


                                           Does anyone have one of these?

No?  Then I guess I'd better quit wishing my life away and get busy!

But I'm going to leave you with one more picture!  I was outside today and this is what I saw!  Doesn't he look sad?


                          How much is that doggy in the window?  Arf, arf!



PS:   Hope you're feeling okay, Mother!  I'm thinking about you!


  1. A full tuition paid to Law school...that is awesome! Yes, I know how college kids live, when ours would come home, they would melt with joy of being home and having Mom's cooking again! A nice time of appreciation for Mom! Have a great time with the family...Come say hi :D

  2. Your making me hungry, dumplings & gumbo. Can't wait to get home to have both. Donna

  3. WOW, congrats to fiance! That is phenomenal! You crack me up. I LOVE the tv in the kitchen. I have one, but it is much smaller. I need an upgrade after seeing that! Thanks for the Mother's Day idea! Ha! Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Have a great day today!

  4. I hope that dinner was good. I'm sure it was wonderful but not as good as the company that you shared it with.

    Congrats to the Fiance! Bama Girl and her Sweetheart are well matched - both smart and motivated!

  5. Hey, Ahhh I've missed you!! I was sick for 3 weeks and slept day and night. This last week after starting to feel better I had to start cleaning this disgusting house cuz ya know no one else knows how to run a vacuum or mop a floor oh oh oh and let's not forget how to clean a toilet. YUCK!!!!

    That doggie in the window looks so cute! lol Ya know I've never had gumbo I've thought a time or two of trying to make it but that has been as far as it went. I just don't think my picky crew would eat it.

    Congrats to Bama Fiance that is outstanding! Impressive!

    I'll be updating in the next day or two. Take Care :)

  6. I think your kitchen looks great and I'm not kidding! Are your kitchen cabinets yellow? I'm getting ready to paint (which means in the next five years) so I was wondering because I LIKED them. CONGRATS big time on 'Bama fiance getting a full ride through law school. That's great news for parents of 'Bama daughter! Now let's home California daughter brings home somebody like that someday instead of the current yahoos in our immediate vicinity. (Thankfully, she's not dating any of them!)