Friday, January 15, 2010

Slow as molasses in January

sluggish (adj)

Synonyms: lethargic, inactive, slow, listless, slothful, lazy

That's me...all of the above!  I just can't seem to get it together this year.   Maybe it's the weather.  It's too cold.  I still have some snow (very little) left on my driveway.  It's suppose to warm up to the high 50's this weekend...then rain!  At least it might wash the snow away!

I have been working on a quilt.  But, it's been kicking my butt!  I've had to take it apart several times, ran out of fabric, the borders were name it... it's happened to this quilt!  And it's not anything complicated...I've done one before and didn't have any trouble!

But last night, I decided that come "heck or high water" it would be quilted today.


This is a picture of it on the's quilted now and I'll work on cutting and sewing the binding tonight.  I'm doing a pieced binding because there's so much white in the quilt.


This is one unhappy little dog.  Chance hates the sewing room.  He whines to go out and play with Cheddar, but when I let him, he whines to come back inside.  So...this is his time out!

If you think I've been good and haven't bought any fabric lately,'d be wrong!  I can't seem to pass up polka dots or paisley!



So as you see, not much is going on here...but at least I got the Alabama post down!  I don't know when I'll be back.  I guess it will be when I have something to talk about!




  1. I get that way every season.I guess it's because of my seizures,I don't know.

  2. Good Morning. Thanks for the walk down memory lane that you did not even know you were providing me! See, when I was a little girl, My MawMaw quilted on this huge square frame and I always played underneath it and had some pretend time under there! Those are good memories. She died so very long ago (I was about 13 -36 now). Thanks for the smile on my face!!
    I love the dog pic. They always know when they are in trouble, don't they? Mine look at me a certain way when they know I am disappointed with them. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Since you had to work so hard on your quilt maybe it will be the best one ever? I hope you are happy with the results.

    Your quilting set up is interesting. Do you machine quilt on the frame? Is it a special machine?

    I haven't taken my new machine out of the box yet but I looked into classes to learn how to use the thing.

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. I have been feeling the same way and I believe it is the cold weather. It takes me until around 10 or 11 o'clock each morning to get warmed up enough to get going. I have gotten lazy while Skylar has been in the hospital and I haven't had to be at his house early but I have managed to be productive once I get up and going. I'm sure you will be happy to get that quilt finished. I've had by butt kicked many times while making pageant dresses for my daughter but everything that went wrong was always fixable. In the end, the dress always turned out like I wanted it to and I was always happy and RELIEVED to get it finished. I've seen several of your quilts and you do beautiful work and I'm sure this one will be as well. Have a nice weekend.

    Chance is beautiful. The cold weather may be getting to him also :)


  5. Can't seem to get myself going either! Not just the new year; haven't been worth a toot since I retired. Hope I get enough of doing nothing soon and get something done---whatever it may be. Cold is good for reading and I've done some of that and a bit of sewing. We have a new JoAnne's in the Birmingham and tomorrow or Monday I'm checking it out. Won't do much good though because I have two more weeks of babysitting Luke and I can't do a thing when he is here. Not a bad baby but I don't have the strength or stamina I once had. And you always have something interesting to say. BTW, love the dog's time out spot and I bet he does too. Stay warm.

  6. Love the polka dot fabrics. I think the colorful border on your quilt will be good because of all the white. One of my daughters gave me a small heater to put in my sewing room in the basement. Now it is nice and cozy warm so I spend a lot of time down there now sewing away happily.