Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still quiltin'

I've been doing quite a bit of quilting over the past couple of months.  I'm done with most of the Christmas gifts, although I have one that needs the binding finished and another that needs to be quilted.  I had to order gray flannel for the backing on the one that needs to be quilted because you can't find gray flannel in stores...anywhere!  Believe me...I looked!  And since these are Christmas gifts, I'll have pictures "after" Christmas!

But I do have pictures of the third one 'Bama Girl and I made for her future in-laws...this one is for future father-in-law's wife (if you can follow that!):


I finished it while I was in Ohio and 'Bama Girl put the binding on...my favorite part...Not!

Here's some pictures of what happens  behind the scenes of "getting a picture of the quilt":

Fiance gets a phone call:


'Bama Girl? 


I don't always use a pattern for my quilt...I didn't for this one or the one below.  But...I decided I would on another one that I had been coveting.  It is just like the one above except the 4-patch is smaller...2".  You are suppose to cut 2 strips...black and white...1 1/2" wide, sew together, then cut into 1 1/2" segments to make a 4-patch and then sew to a 2 1/2" solid square.  No matter what I did (and I did it 3 times)  I could not get the 4-patch to come out the right size to match the corresponding square...I checked my seams...all quarter inch!  I checked my cutting measurements...all cut right.  What the heck? That one has been put on the back burner and I'll re-start it another time....Christmas is stressful enough without having to take a quilt apart!

So now...while I'm waiting on the mail...I've started a another...for me...I hope!  And the reason I say this?  The one above?  It was suppose to be mine!  Oh, well...I'm liking this one even more!



I don't think I showed what else I worked on when I was in Ohio.  I needed a portable project and I crochet, so this is what I made:


And between all this?  I bought a new tree...pre-lit...took my old one to 'Bama Girl, went Christmas shopping with her, and finally decorated my house:




Sorry...I didn't realize this post would be so lengthy or so photo-filled!  And on that note...one more picture.  Of the grand-pup!...Teddy!






  1. You have been busy! Your decorations are terrific, and so are your quilting projects!

  2. OH MY GOSH talk about beautiful! Great Job to both of you! You are lucky to have made those mittens if it's like it is here you will need them. It's so cold!!! It was 11 degrees out this morning at 6:00 and they said in the morning it could be a degree or so colder than this morning. Take Care :)

  3. Wow- go girl, GO!! I'll bet your sewing machine was catching it's breath while you were posting this, Debbie!! (Or begging for mercy? haha)
    You do such wonderful work!!

  4. I enjoy reading your lengthy and photo filled posts.

    Love the decorations and that quilt. Beautiful!