Sunday, August 2, 2009

We bought the farm...

Really!  We...bought...a farm!  35 acres  about 30 miles from where we live now.  I made ya'll a slideshow:

(The pictures were taken by the real estate agency in the fall.  The house is getting a new roof and things are being cleaned up.  I'll take more pictures when we move in!  Did ya'll check out the "man-cave" the big building with doors big enough for an 18 wheeler?  That's what sold David!)

So...that's why I haven't blogged lately.  I didn't want to say anything about it until everything was know...not jinx anything!  We'll be moving in by the end of the month.  Then...I've got to get my house ready to sale.

But first...David left for Louisiana on a job for a couple of weeks, William is doing fine, still working at Wally Mart, and 'Bama Girl is packing to move back to college.  Alabama's band camp starts next week, so she gets to move in early.  We'll be leaving Sunday to get her moved in.  ROLL TIDE!

Also, my brother Danny, his wife Kim and my nephew Austin came to visit last weekend!  So much fun!  I don't have any pictures (David took his camera and we forgot to download them), but I have pictures of Kim's new miniature donkey:                                                    


So, I've got packing to do...but, I also have one other post to do that I've been holding off on.  I'll  do that later.




  1. I was wondering where you had gone! I can't see the video because it's marked private, but I am sure the farm is beautiful! Thanks for keeping up on my baby pictures-- we are so glad she is home (even if we're a bit more sleep deprived!).

  2. Oh My Gosh I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for you to move in and see more pictures. Chance in going to be one happy pooch to have a farm to run around. Take Care :)

  3. Okay everyone...I fixed the slideshow and you should be able to see it now!

  4. Debbie - I am SOOO excited for you! Where is Eva? I'd move to your place in a heartbeat - I love the space, it'd be my dream! I grew up on a farm and there is just something about the wide open space and peace and quiet! My only stipulation is to be NEAR a city - need me my "culture" ---- and of course, shopping! ha! Wishing you a smooth move!

  5. That is awesome, Debbie! I'm so happy for you... now you can have some chickies and your own fresh eggs! *wink*
    The house and pool and the view from the back is wonderful... and all those barns and buildings are fantastic... that would have been reason enough for my Hubby to buy it, too!
    I can't wait to hear more... are you going to get some animals?

  6. Congratulation! It all looks so wonderful in the slide show.
    The pool will be great because I know it is probably as hot there as it is here.
    You will just have to have farm animals too!
    I am so happy for you and your family!

    Thanks for the visit and comment.
    Good luck.

  7. Well Wow! Congrats on the Farm-how cool is that : )

  8. Good Morning! I happened upon your blog through my Cousin, "Agirlnamedkellykelly". Your page is very pretty! I love your new place. The donkeys are the cutest! (if you can say that about a donkey :) Hey are you an Alabama fan?? Just kidding. Best wishes on your transition to the new house and the sale of your old house! Will stop by again. Come see me sometime also! Take care.

  9. How exciting! I love the new farm pictures. I'm sure it's even more beautiful now that everything is green.

  10. DEBBIE!!!!! I am thrilled for you! That is a gorgeous place to live. I can't wait to see more pictures. I pray that everything goes smooth for you. If I lived closer I would come and help you move.

    Hugs you lucky lady!