Thursday, August 13, 2009

Packing 17 years of stuff!

It's not fun!  Thankfully  I'm not a others in my family.  I regularly throw things away that I don't wear or use.  Some people still have things packed up from our last move 17 years ago....hmmmm.  I shouldn't be mean, but I know there's going to be problems getting everyone to let go of things.    I'm just saying that I hate to move trash.  I would like a new start.  Start fresh...that's my motto.  Am I convincing anyone?

Sorry 'bout that, I'm really, really stressed.  But, that's the way I roll!   I'm the only one at home...David is still in Louisiana, 'Bama Girl got moved into her new place in Tuscaloosa last weekend, and of course William is working.

So.  See?  I've been busy...'cause closing is only 2 weeks away. 


                                         All my quilt and sewing supplies.


                                   'Bama Girl's stuff, dishes, pictures, misc.

Okay, now that I've had my little hissy fit, let me show you what I'm now the proud owner of:


                                    My very own quilting machine and frame!

David bought it for me before he left and helped me put it together.  Talk about a pain!  The instructions were useless.  I haven't really been able to use it yet, but when I move to the new house, I'll have my own sewing room...whoopee!  I'm very excited!  I can put my quilting machine, monogram machine and sewing machine up and not have to move anything!

I really do have a wonderful husband.  Sometimes I forget to let him know.  I take him for granted, so...David, I love you!  And thank you so much for everything you do, especially thanks for putting up with me!  It's a hard job and you're probably the only man in the world that could do it!

Oh, oh...oh...oh!  Have any of you seen Julie and Julia?  'Bama Girl and I went to see it before she left.  I really liked it...I've always admired Julia Childs.  But what I really liked was that it talked about blogging.  I don't know if you're like me, but a lot of my friends and family couldn't understand why I'd want to blog.  Some still can't!  But the movie had a lot of the ups and downs of blogging in it...wondering if anyone reads it, good comments, bad comments, am I writing enough or too much?, etc.  If you're a blogger, you need to see it.  Even if you aren't, see it! 

Speaking of blogging, I'll probably be sporadic in my writing the next few weeks until I get moved and everything set up again.  But I'll try to get back to it soon!




  1. I'm so excited for you and your new home. I can't wait to see photos. You'll have a great time with your new sewing and quilting room.
    Hugs, Susan

  2. Oh Debbie- I'm so excited! I know packing is a pain in the you-know-where, but I can't wait to see your sewing room once you get moved in!! I'm so green with envy over your quilting frame.... can I come and try it out? (It might go missing... although I don't know how I could sneak that big ol' thing out behind your back!!LOL)

  3. Packing really is a pain. I had grown roots and accumulated a BUNCH of junk in our last home. Man what a mess! It makes me want to collect a little less.

    Julie and Julia was good. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were WONDERFUL and brought so much warmth to the film!!

  4. Hi Debbie - Hope the move goes smoothly! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, I know you must be really busy! Always great to hear from you! Let us all know when you are settled in!

  5. I MISS YOU! What is going on with your farm???