Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 weeks countdown

Warning:  Much bragging is included in the following post.

My baby was here this weekend.


                                                                 My Baby!

She graduates from the University of Alabama on May 7th.  With honors.  She's that smart and I'm not surprised,'s just unreal when as her parents,  you've raised her, lived with her, know her strengths and faults only to find out that other people know she's as special as her Dad and I think she is!  *tear*   Last weekend David and I went to Honor's Day at Alabama...she was awarded two in the Arts and Science College...that's huge...'cause, well...that part of the college is huge...lots of students graduating.  She got quite a few (many!) graduate school offers.  Lots of scholarships.  $100,000 offers.  Really, no lie.  I'm impressed...but again, not surprised.  She's always done everything she set out to do.  And she always will.  


                                                                           Us! for graduate school...she's made her decision.  She's going to The University of Alabama,  School of Law.  Roll Tide!  We're happy...she'll still be close to home and it's a really good law school.  Also,  she'll still be 'Bama Girl.  Not Penn St. Girl, Virginia Girl, or Notre Dame Girl.  I can still write about her and not change names...(and it's all about me and my blog...doncha' know!  *Grin*) 


                                           'Bama Girl and 'Bama Dad (He's so silly!)

Anyway, I just wanted to share, 'cause I know I've got some readers who've been with me since she started college and I thought ya'll would want to, I just plain ol' wanted to brag! 


                                                   'Bama Girl with her big brother!


                                                  'Bama Girl, Fiance' and "the ring"



Love you, 'Bama Girl!



  1. Debbie,
    You should be proud!! Brag all you want!

  2. Hey Debbie!
    Please send our Congratulations to your sweet & smart (& pretty!) Bama Girl.... but also Congratulations to you and your husband for the parental guidance you've given her along the way. The hardest thing about being parents is that we don't always know right away if we're making the right calls as the youngun' is growing up and it takes years to know if we're doing it right.... or not. In this case.....'nuff said from your post! You guys should be soooo proud!
    By the way... been missing you.

  3. Thank you Donna and Lisa! She's a really special girl and we love her lots!

  4. Gosh that is AWESOME! I'm so impressed and I'm so happy for your family. Congratulations to Bama Girl!

  5. Awesome!!!!! you have every right to be proud. You would find me on the roof top shouting for all to hear.

  6. Sounds like she takes after her Uncle Danny

  7. Hmmm...sounds like her Uncle Danny thinks a lot of himself!

  8. Thanks for the comments Uncle Danny! LOL!

  9. WOW! Bama Girl has beauty AND brains!
    Miss Debbie, I know you and your hubby are so very proud of her... she must really have a good head on her shoulders.

  10. She is a beauty as well as a brain! Congratulations to her for all that she is doing and for the marriage to come too. You can brag any time mom..I love to hear it! ;D

  11. Now I know why you're my favorite neice.