Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Crafting...

Continuing with the cheap!  During Christmas, 'Bama Girl and I went shopping...are you shocked?  We went to The Old Farmer's Almanac General Store at the Shops of Grand River outlet mall.  And I saw this and wanted it:


The problem?  I didn't want to spend $10...told you I'm cheap!

So...I made this one:


Cost:  $1.00...I had the jar, bought hand soap with a pump at the Dollar Store!

And while I was at the Dollar Store I bought these:


And made these:


I had seen similar ones at home decor stores or in magazine and they cost anywhere from $14-$40!  Mine were $2.00!

I also worked on my kitchen cabinets...slow going!  But, hopefully the weather will stay pretty and mild for a few more days and I can get them finished!  (Then, I have wall painting to do!)


               Happy Valentine's Day!



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  1. Wow! you go, girl! I love those soap dispensers... I've seen those before and wanted one but didn't want to pay the price... it's nice to be able to make things like that and not pay through the nose for it!