Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Bed

I love my bed.  My king-sized, memory foam, soft bed.  It's covered with my white Pottery Barn coverlet which I bought to match my quilts.  I love my bed.

My jacked up bed.

My broke down bed.

My ghetto bed.

My hot mess of a bed.

My bed.

Why?  Why would I talk about my bed in such a disrespectful way?  Because...well, look!


Look closer.  Do you see it?  The cinder block and the piece of wood?    My lovely bed broke.   And not on my no cracks about my weight!  It broke and I don't think it can be fixed...but maybe the part of the frame replaced?  In the meantime, I fixed it...ghetto or not!

***Note to my "Anonymous Readers", i.e. my family.  I love that you read my blog. would be nice if you occasionally wrote a comment.  You can do so anonymously and without having a blog.  What you do is:  Comment (something nice!) and sign it. 

Need examples?  Okay, I can call you out...

Your loving brother (you know who you are!)

Love,  Aunt "Sue"

Love Sis

To my favorite child, Love from your Mother

Love ya, Cousin Jethro

Your Nephew,  Slick

Your Sister-in-Law, Sweetie

Your Daughter/Son ( know who you are!)

From your BFF, Sassy

I would love to know when you read it!   Just sayin'!  Thanks!  Love you!




  1. "Ghetto bed" LOL! A phrase that I have never heard before.

  2. I read your blog almost everyday, in your Feedjit thing either I show up at Cypress Tx or Iraq. If I log in at work it won't let me comment, so I have to do it from my room. Love ya

    your sis

  3. I posted but I can't see it, one time it showed up in Arabic, but I don't think you could read it.

  4. This is what showed up one timeسيتم عرض التعليق بعد الموافقة عليه. , it translates to Comment will be displayed after approval.
    your sis

  5. LOL @ my sis! What? You think I can't read Arabic?

    Thank you so much for commenting...I love you!


  6. *Giggle* Ghetto bed?
    *ROFL* Now that's a new one!
    Debbie you are a hoot!

  7. I read, but usually on my phone in an rss reader, so I can't comment using that. Love the ghetto bed fix!

  8. You have a great blog! Glad I found you!

  9. Your too funny.

    Wanted to let you know that you won one of the OWOH giveaways I had. Please send me your address.