Friday, October 8, 2010

Quilt blog.

It is and therefore, I should show some quilts, but I really, really hate to.  The only one I've finished lately is suppose to be a Christmas present...but here goes (maybe she won't see it).'s lime green, black and white...but it photographed yellow instead of lime.


If you want to see it closer, click on it!  I had a hard time photographing it.  It's really windy here today!

My next quilt is going to be black and white and gray.  I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but probably a square in a square.  Any suggestions?

Here's some of the fabric:


I just pulled some from my stash.  As much as I love black and white, I've never done a quilt with only these colors.  And looking at them now...I really wish I could add another color to the mix...maybe red or orange, green or blue.  But I can't.  This was a request.  The person requested black and white with no "pattern".  Hmmm...since I didn't know what this meant, I'm just winging it.  (It's for my son...duh!)  He just wants something that he can throw on the couch for his friends to use when they stay over.  Nothing sentimental here!  I'd go to the local "Big Box" store and pick up one for 30 bucks, but it's the first time he's asked me to make one for him and I'm his mom...what could I say?  Yeah, I'll make you one, but it has to be the colors I want?  It's going to be a it on!

Guess I'm through now!  Ya'll have a good one and....Roll Tide!



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  1. oops, I saw it and thanks for such a great Christmas gift. Just kidding, but that is a pretty quilt, I love the applique flowers on it. The picture just doesn't do justice for this quilt.

    LY Donna