Monday, October 11, 2010

Everything's "Falling" into place

Another fall post.

I'm going to see 'Bama Girl this week,  I decided to take her a couple of things, so I had to get busy.  Saturday night, I started on this and finished up the binding Sunday morning:


                                                          and then, I made this...


                                                                          it matches!

She can use the quilt as a wall hanging or table topper.

I also found something to hang with my wall hangings (I'd been looking for something other than a curtain rod or just having them hand plain against the wall.)


I thought it was cute.  But that may just be me!

We're going to lunch and a little shopping.  I'm sure I'll be going to JoAnn's because they have a 50% off coupon for a single cut of fabric.  (I'd like a whole bolt, please!) 

Maybe if we find a few bargains, I'll have a few thing to show off.  Actually, that reminds me that I've wanted to talk to you about something for a while.  You see, that's how I've been feeling I'm being a show off, when in reality I'm just documenting the things I make and what I do daily...okay?  Okay...just wanted to get that elephant out of the room and clear the air!  I also hope you'll find an idea or two that you can take for your own!

Since I'm in a mood (a sewing mood!) I'm going to get some more fabric out and see what I come up with!




  1. Oh, Debbie- I love the quilt and matching punkin!! (I'm sure Bama girl will too!)
    Oh, and by the way- I always LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what you've been working on... I don't think of it as showing off at all! I think it's neat to see what everybody is working on!

  2. Oh wow! She's going to love the wall hanging and pumpkin. You are such a thoughtful (and talented) Momma!

  3. It is never showing off when you display the workings of a God given talent! I love seeing your creations!And excellent work again. I like the hanging thingy.