Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So good!

I've been going non-stop for a week. And I'm still going.

I went to Louisiana to visit my mother last week and it coincided with Mother's Day (two stones with one throw!).

The visit had it's good and bad.

The bad? The drive...10 hours.

The good? Family.


      Danny, Debbie, Donna and Dennis

**The "D" names? Don't ask. Mother must have only had one chapter of the baby name book. The funny thing is when she got mad we'd be called everything but our name..."Debbie! Donna! Dennis! Danny!...whatever your name is get over here!" (Guess you had to be there!)

The good? Getting there and picking up David at the airport. He met me there and is taking a week off.

The "really" bad? I got stopped for speeding. Excessive speeding. I cried. Really, really cried. (I hadn't had a ticket in about 10 years...I wasn't going to have one now, 'specially a $200 ticket from a speed trap!) So...he reduced it to a seat belt violation ($25)...I started to tell the policeman I was wearing my seat belt. But I thought that would be pushing my luck!

More good? We stopped by 'Bama Girl's new townhouse and I got a Mother's Day present! See:


The bad? It was a 10 hour drive back!

One more good: These guys were waiting for me,


This was Will's present to me...he kept my animals and checked on the house for me!

Anyway...we're home now! I spent all day yesterday mowing, cleaning the pool and hot tub. Today...I'll be mowing and weed-eating!

Tomorrow...(or maybe the next day), I'll post photos of my other Mother's Day present!



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  1. The goods sound like they out weighed the bads...good job on the potential big ticket! LOL Come say hi :D