Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay...sometimes I shop online for clothes.  I'm a tad overweight so sometimes I look at plus sized clothing.  But really...who designs these?  Just because I'm a "big girl", do the designers think I'm  also blind?...or maybe they think I don't own mirrors?  Do they think bigger people need uglier clothing to hide in?  Take a look at some of the things I've seen lately:



                 Shirred, drawstring waist - $90.  I'm not blind or stupid!

This is not Gone With The Wind and I'm not Scarlett wearing my drapes!



                     So...since when does plus size and skinny jeans go together?



                                          Really?  Seriously?  Is this the future?


All right...yes, I know I'm grouchy, mean, hateful and hard to get along with.  And I realize my blog reflects my mood.  Sorry.  I am trying to get out of this...this...this whatever it is!  It has been 29 days since I've quit smoking.  I don't and haven't really had any cravings for them.  But my mood is terrible.  Is this me?  The true me?  Have I really always been a mean and bitchy woman behind that cigarette?  If so...I'd rather smoke...'cause I can't even stand myself.  And I'm tired of people saying "You've got to make yourself get out of that mood...nobody can do it but you".

(I wrote this yesterday and started not to post it, but decided I needed to.  Today, I'm starting a diet and I ran this morning...I'm going to "make myself" do it!  **If I read this again, I may delete it...so if you read it and then find it's not here...that's what happened!)




  1. I kind of like the skirt..but the other two are pretty awful. Don't you go backwards...keeps going forward bitch or not! Just do whats best for your body and health, thankfully the body is forgiving of the abuse we put upon it and it will respond to good treatment too and be your friend! :D

  2. You must post what you are feeling! You made me laugh..and I really needed that! Congrats on 29 days! One day at a time. You go girl!

  3. The mood swings are terrible. But they will go. One day at a time, that's all you can do. Good luck with your diet, I'm on one and it's killing me! I also wasnt happy with the clothes selection out there.

  4. Might be that those things are just butt ugly and cigarettes or not.... that doesn't change. I'm a really big girl myself and most of the clothes I find are like tow sacks or the other extreme that you've posted. Hard to find good looking big size clothes for women. I've got such a sarcastic sense of humor, I'd probably find your present self more funny than anything. Keep going, girl, and don't pick those cigarettes back up.

  5. I need to get started too. My dream is to make THE grand announcement on my blog (I'm sure you've seen them too) that I have lost an awesome amount of weight.

  6. 29 days? Debbie that is wonderful!! You go ahead and be cranky if you wanna! And I agree- I think the skirt is pathetic-looking...