Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sweetest Quilt Shop...Ever!

Hubby and I went for a drive today and ended up in Hartselle.  And guess what I found!  A new quilt shop...YES!  (My mother-in-law had told me about it, but this was the first chance I've had to check it out.)

It's called appropriately "Got to Have It"...cute, huh?  And I did!  Have to have it that is!

I met the owner Shelby...she's so sweet and I felt like I had known her forever...of course, you know me...I never meet a stranger!  Here's a few pictures of her and her shop, well....more than a few!  (click to view larger!)



Here's a picture of Shelby (I told her if it was bad I wouldn't post it...but it's really good...so I did!)  See all the cool stuff!





The front of the store.  If you haven't been to Hartselle, AL, you must!  Main Street is full of cute little shops and lots of antiques!






The next few are shots of all the fabric she has.




DSC01702 She has classes.  And specials on her fabric.  Can you tell I'm ecstatic about my find?

I wish I could remember about all the specials...but my brain was in overload by the time I got out of there!  Did I mention how reasonable her prices are?  Yep yep!





Here's a couple of pictures of what I bought.  This is a panel...but the colors don't show as vibrant as they really are.  (Sorry for not ironing it...not!)





Love those polka dots!  And red is hard to find in my area...guess everyone else likes them too! 



I told Shelby that I would be putting this on my blog and I hope she is able to look at it... her daughter also.  If either of you do, put a note in the comments!

And, I hope any of you that live close or come to the Decatur/Huntsville area will visit her...wow, I sound like an advertisement, huh?  But, really I'm being sincere!  And if you're that close (hint, hint) let me know and we'll do lunch!




  1. What an awesome place... I'll have to pay that place a visit some day!

  2. Oh it looks so quaint and inviting! A homey feel!

    Stop by and look what I made to go along with the afghan I made a month or so ago. I bought a bunch of material a few years ago when I first bought this machine for my daughter and we hardly used it. I've been stashing stuff and pulled it all out and got busy. I plan on doing more tomorrow. My sewing needs much improvement and I can tell that it's not going to get any better if I don't do it. lol Oh I ran out of bobbin and thought oh no what do I do now. I don't know what she did with the manual but after about 20 minutes of playing around with it I GOT IT.

    Take Care :)

  3. OMG Debbie I have been on here searching for the past 2 hours looking at t-shirt quilts. Oh yes, it's a must try project and I came across a yo yo tree that is adorable that I am going to have to try. I'm not so sure about the instructions but I will try and if not right try again. lol I'm off to get busy on Dale's gifts so I can be done with those. Thanks for the ideas! Take Care :)

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll pass the news on to my quilting buds.

  5. I'd like to visit that shop and don't even know how to quilt. I love quilts though. My Grandmother made some gorgeous ones for me. I love it when you post and visit, too.

  6. COOL! I would think a quilt shop isn't something you can find on every corner. I am so glad that you had fun.

    Hubby and I lived in Decatur for a very short period of time. Had we settled in that area, it would have been in Hartselle because of the schools. We wound up moving from Decatur to Cullman instead. For another short while.

    We have moved A LOT.

    LOVE the polka dots and I can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!

    Have you ever been to Sharon's blog? (Rose of Sharon) She is on my side bar as Sharon and she LOVES red. Her blog is very pretty just to look at.

    OK, hmmm, anything else... nope. I'm done.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by even after my hiatus! Yes, that is Fiesta. It's a full set (minus a few pieces here and there) that my grandfather purchased for his parent's anniversary in 1939. My grandmother gave it to me a few years back, and I just love it. This was the first time I really used it, and unfortunately a serving dish got broken (the dog tripped up my dad, who grabbed the counter and ended up grabbing the dish). My mom said that her mother always told her that if you use it, it will get broken, and that's ok. We'll just replace that piece from ebay or something. But we won't tell my grandmother about it! She'd die! :) Sorry to be long winded!

  8. I love red too - all year long!
    Nice color combo for bama girls quilt!

  9. Are ya telling me I know some french???? Only I use it the country bunkin way. I heard the guy on the news say the word today too. We have always said it and I guess I thought everybody else did too.

    Too bad about the game huh??? It was a good year though. I have to tell you that our niece in Ala. married a football player from UA and they played the Ala. fight song at their wedding. Can you believe that. I can!!!! and I can't!!!!

  10. Looks like a super neat store!

  11. Its always fun to find a new quilt shop....

    Gill in Canada

  12. Love your blog.
    I live in Huntsville. That's not too far from Hartselle. I'll have to visit the quilt shop.