Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's coming....really?

I'm not ready! Life has me going in circles, I can't get anything finished. Hubby and 'Bama Girl are home. Auburn Guy will be here near the end of the week.

This Christmas is totally unorganized! And it's driving me crazy! I am an organized person...very OCD...a freak (yeah, I'm the one who vacuums three times a day...really!...don't's true!) So, this is killing me! Very few presents have been bought. The only thing I've bought for Christmas dinner is a ham. I've only made one kind of candy - Rocky Road fudge (I ususally have made four or five differents kinds by this time!). My house is a mess. Seriously! The only thing I have done is laundry and decorating...see:

The Tree!

A few of my Santas!

Now...just so you know I'm not a complete slacker...I'll show a few pictures of what I have been doing! Below is a picture of a purse I made for both my friends, Kim and Lisa for their birthday :

Roll Tide, ya'll!

And if that's not enough Alabama for you:

This is 'Bama Girl's present to her BF. She cross stitched his name and sewed the squares together. I helped her quilt it. I think it turned out really good...considering that from start to finish...we did it in only two days!

Oh...did I mention 'Bama Girl has a BF? Oh yeah. He's really nice and sweet and smart and sweet and funny....oh, and cute! :) (I was paid to say this! later!)

Well (deep subject!)...that's all I have for now, except...if any of you are traveling in the next few days, please be careful and stay safe!




  1. Ok, you have me beat! Still no tree up. Your tree looks great and the purse,oh my gosh you are so talented. It's time for me to get busy now that my little ones have gone home. They were here for 5 days!!!! I was so exhausted that I actually went back to bed this morning after getting my 7 year old off to school and making sure the teens were getting ready.

    Well (I know it's a deep subject)I'm off to get a tree up so we can decorate it tonight. Take Care :)

  2. Awww....that makes me want to sew and quilt but instead I'm working on virtual presents, which reminds me......I have your Christmas gift. Just visit my site to pick it up. :)

  3. I love your Santas..............

    Gill in Canada

  4. The quilt is FABULOUS. Seriously. And that you taught Bama girl to do that too? You are a great mom.

    Will you adopt me?

    As a sister... cause you aren't old enough to be my mom. But surely you would give your sister a quilt and a cutie poo purse, right? And you would let her play with your Nick too?

  5. Hang in there you'll get it all done. I'm behind on the candy end also, I think its gonna stay that way this year and I'm not making as much. I love the song playing on your blod it has always been my favorite christmas sond. (the one form the group Alabama)