Sunday, July 11, 2010

So busy, but so busted!

Yeah, I'm busted.   Same ol' excuse...busy, busy, busy!

Doing what?  Well, the deck has been needing stain since we've moved in and...since I'm the one here the task is left up to me. a really big job.  The deck goes around 3 sides of the house with a railing and 5...yes, you heard it here first...five sets of steps, as well as lattice beneath the deck!  So, of course I'm not through...heck, I just started!  But here's a preview:



                            And before...





                                      And after,


STOP...CUT!   I hated this, so....

                             Now, I have this:


What was I thinking?  White railings look so much less industrial.  I love the gray for the floor, but the doors, the trim and columns are all white, so it just made sense.

Also, what you didn't see was that I had to clean all the deck and the ceilings where the porch is covered...that took a lot of time!  More than I had previously thought it would take and after the cleaning, I had to let the porch dry 48 hours before I could start.  (Just sayin'!)

And to let you all know that Debbie is not "all work and no play":


I'm working on a red, white and blue quilt...Happy Belated 4th!  I've been wanting one with these colors, but not really a patriotic quilt or one that stands up and you know what I mean?  I just like the colors and the prints...okay? you know where I've been and what I've been up to.  Any questions?  No?  Well then...




  1. I know that is work! I have been right there. Ours are the porches though. Now they all (4 of them) need re-painting. And lattice. whew. I painted ours green a few years back and thought I would never get all those little strips painted. But it was so worth it when I finished.

    I love the gray color on your deck and white railing. It all looks so good!

    The quilt is beautiful. That is another thing I want to do soon. Quilt.

    Have a great day.

  2. Your deck looks great, Debbie. Good job.

  3. Debbie I love your deck! That is certainly a huge project for one person. I can't wait to see the quilt finished. You are so talented!! Take Care :)

  4. You have been busy...the deck is fantastic! And the quilt is just so pretty...way to go, looks like things are going good there, thanks for your visit. :D