Monday, February 15, 2010

Disclaimer: May cause health nuts to cry like a little girl.

This disclaimer is meant for my brother.  While in Louisiana, one statement he made stuck with me.  "Read the label...if a third grader can't pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn't eat it".

Yeah...well...really?  Who are you?  The food police?

So in that spirit, I took a look into my pantry. 

1.  Easy Cheese


Ummm...cheese in a can.  Does life get any better?  This is really good for band trips or any travel with young children or teenagers.  Convenient and no refrigeration.  Good for appetizers...dogs love it too!  Contains whey, cheddar cheese, canola oil, milk and whey protein concentrate as well as less than 2% of stuff I can't pronounce.  So...that must mean 98% good stuff!

2.  Wheat Thins Toasted Chips


Just discovered these...Golden Gate Garlic and epicurean delight with cheese in a can!  The package reads:  "50% less fat than the leading regular fried potato chip." (Oh yeah!)  and  "290 mg ALA Omega-3 fatty acids per serving from soybean oil."   Must be good for you!   (Also good in the Garden Valley Veggie flavor...hey!  Veggies!)

3.  Ovaltine


What more can I say?  It's where I get my vitamins and minerals! And...if I add it to milk instead of eating it out of a spoon, I also get my calcium and Vitamin D...yay!

4.  Nutella


Nuts and chocolate.  Researchers have linked both to health benefits.  "If you can restrain yourself from overeating them, nuts can definitely be a part of a healthy diet."  The only problem I'm having with this is:  "How many nuts are in a spoonful?"

5.  Ding Dongs


Maybe not so good for you, but does contain chocolate, eggs, milk, wheat, and vitamins.  (Ignore the big rip in the package...I was needing my vitamins while loading groceries into the car!)




  1. Well, thanks for the review...good to know! I sure laughed about the torn box..hum, I think I can relate to that one ! LOL Come say hi :D

  2. That seems to me like the basic components of the perfect ---and quite healthy----diet!!! Enjoy!

  3. The heck with nutrition- I'll take the ding dongs any day, Debbie! And I thought easy cheese WAS nutritious... I think I'll just stay in my fairy tale and keep pretending!

  4. Shame on you!! All of that was in your pantry?Sounds like we need an unbiased third party to investigate the "easy to read ingredients".

    Officer Dan

  5. To my bother: Bwahahaha! Officer Dan! Bwhahaha! I love you! Debbie

  6. Well since I've given up desserts and sweet snacks for link, those ding dongs look like the best things in the world.

  7. We still need to plan a get together-I have a whole box of goodies for you.Call me sometime when you are coming to Huntsville-work 8807080 or cell 6838069.
    Hint: its a whole box-clean,smells good , all the colors of the rainbow and its heavy!
    call me ~Lorie

  8. Hi Debbie! OMG you are going to hate my March 1st post! It's taken me a year (no kidding) worth of research and cleaning out MY pantry to make changes in food choices. The stuff I "gave up" no longer tempts me in the least bit, but only because I was totally pissed off for believing our food IS food, safe and tested. Gotta tell you, I FEEL great, and lost 15 lbs! Y'all come March 1st, ya hear?