Thursday, October 29, 2009


We're trying to close on our old house.  The buyers had an inspector to come in and he was a JERK!  (I've called him some other not-so-nice words).  So, I've been running around putting out fires.  He wrote a 50 page inspection report which scared the young couple because they're first-time home buyers.  There's really nothing majorly wrong with the house, but he made it sound as if there were.  For instance, he wanted us to drill a hole in a $5000 piece of seamless granite which had been treated to never need polishing all for....wait for it...a $5.oo device that plumbers say is obsolete.  So...I had to call the company and have them e-mail a letter stating that drilling or cutting into the granite would compromise the integrity of the material and void the warranty.  And I'm having to do this with several of his recommendations.  Debbie. is. not. happy.

I also have been driving to Decatur at least once a day...40 minutes there...40 minutes back!

Okay...I'll quit having my pity party and show you what I see everyday on my way home!


                                              Wait for it.....



              Wait for it.....



                                                      Ta Dahhhhhhhh                                    

Click on the picture, the colors are gorgeous!  It's what makes the drive worth it!




  1. Home inspectors can be a real pain in the but.I had one inspector that killed a sale form when I was a realestate agant.

  2. Debbie,
    Hey its me Lorie-do you live closer or further now.I still wish we could get together~meet for lunch or something. My cel l phine 9s 683-8069.
    i LOST YOU #-Email me at